Stautory rape cheating?

Ok so i CHEATED on my Boyfriend with one of his close family members I KNOW I WAS WRONG FOR THAT AND I DO REGRET EVERYTHING!
Im 17 &my boyfriend is 17 but his brother is 20
So if his brother ever tells my boyfriend i cheated on him with him
im gonna call the police and tell them that he had sex with a…

You’re the type of b*tch I simply can’t stand. You throw your *** to a man and then want to call him a child molester? That will RUIN his life, and for what? It took two, sl*t. He isn’t even that much older than you, he’s 20.

Grow up, hoochie.

Go ahead and file your false police report. You will regret it more than you can imagine because it will get you thrown into jail….come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea. Maybe it will teach you a lesson while you are looking out from behind the bars.

It’s a shame you had to screw your boyfriend’s brother and destroy their relationship, and over WHAT? A cheap little tramp that is willing to lie. You can bet your butt that if you do something like filing a false police report, you will be given a pregnancy test and if it comes back, negative, that’s still more charges that will be added to your false police report. You are not a rocket scientist are you? Your boyfriend WILL find out that you cheated with his brother so you need to tell him now and make sure you tell the truth (if you know what that is).

1. It’s not a matter for the FBI unless you did this on a plane.
2. It’s not a matter for the FBI because under federal law the age of consent for criminal purposes is 16.
3. There are only 12 states where the age of consent is 18. Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. If you live anywhere else in the United States including the District of Columbia the age of consent is either 17 or 16 and he hasn’t committed a crime.
4. Even if you live in one of those states, some of them have a “Romeo and Juliette” law which means that if you are less than 3 years younger than him it might not be a crime or might be only a misdemeanor.

If it is illegal where you live and you did consent, do you really want to narc on the guy?

why would you call the fbi, haha!?

Why make a bad situation into a worse one?
You shouldn’t of had sex with his brother.
You could go to prison if you file a false statement. Also, you’d need evidence and everything. Why would you do that to your boyfriend? Are you messed up? Your boyfriend could go to prison for a long time, leaving his, potentially, baby without a father. Also, if the police believe you and it is his baby, he may not be allowed to see his child, he’d be on the sex offenders and everything.
Do you really want to live a life with a guilty conscious?!

Well, he won’t get charged with anything
Statutory rape is for people below the age of consent, which in most places is 16.
Also, as it’s statutory rape, your boyfriend will know you consented to it.
Furthermore, the police can backtrack anything that was ever posted on the internet even if you deleted it. This can be found and used in your boyfriends brothers favor, as you are admitting your lies.
God help it if you are pregnant, the poor kid, if you get on like that and can’t face up to your own mistakes you’ll probably blame it for other stupid **** you do.

First thing, you cheated on your boyfriend with him, you CHOSE to. You’re really going to call the police on someone you chose to have sex with. If you’re pregnant, you could do go get a pregnancy test from a pharmacy or shop. If its positive make an appointment with your doctors, this is COMPLETELY confidential unless the doctor feels that you are unsafe, and you can discuss options such as termination or continuation. At your age, i would consider a termination, yes people find it wrong, but in my eyes a baby is not conscious of pain until the third trimester. If you feel that you couldnt go to the doctors on your own take your best friend, do not tell her whos baby it could be, you don’t need to, and they may tell your boyfriend, when it should be you who does.
You need to tell your boyfriend you cheated, its not fair on him. If you love him, you’ll tell him and explain that you regret it and hopefully he will love you enough back to give you a second chance.

How about this, you tell your bf the truth. That would be the adult thing to do, don’t act like a child. You messed up, yeah so did his brother but, I’m sure your bf already knows. He’s just waiting for you to tell him, giving you a chance to be honest. Don’t ruin a man’s life for something idiotic you did. And yes depending on the state most states its 16 for consent. If So you do not have a case. Do the right thing, not the childish thing.

Wow this is pretty heavy! You can’t call the police on your boyfriends brother as you consented to sexual intercourse with him! It’s not rape! By going to the police you will rip your boyfriends family apart!
Yes we all make mistakes sweetheart but it’s how you deal with the mistake in the right way that matters most.
Your going to have to come clean and tell your boyfriend what happened with his brother as there is no other way around it! If your boyfriends brother confessed and you had a DNA test it would show that they could be both the potential fathers because of their DNA as brothers!
Come clean with your boyfriend as there is no other way forward, he may even forgive you of your one off mistake! The alternative is to have a termination and keep quite, but secrets never stay secret for long!

A mistake is a mistake so don’t beat yourself up about it! I hope you have a very positive outcome from this mess!

Good luck x

Depending on the state, you are no longer able to be classified as a statutory rape case. I highly recommend that you don’t ruin this guys life by having him labled as a pedophile/sex offender for the rest of his life. You’ll be taking everything away from him will it will destroy his family. Think next time before you sleep with someone. But if you wanna burn bridges and have your boyfriend leave you…go right on ahead with your plan, but it’s not going to end the way you hope it will.

Well you brought this on yourself.. And telling the police may or may not do anything, due to the fact that you are 17, and he is only 20. So the grey area thing may come into effect depending on if they think it was totally consensual..
It’s up to you, but don’t cheat anymore.

Semen interior the fallopian tubes have no longer something to do with excitement. you have some serious problems expertise rape and woman anatomy, chum. could you take excitement in intercourse after being beat up and with with a broken jaw? I hardly think of so! cheating is willingly having intercourse.Rape is against her will. Gad, what’s incorrect with you?????????? Rape is an act of violence and you’re loopy to think of everybody enjoys it! i’m hoping you do divorce her so she will ultimately locate somebody supportive and expertise as you heavily isn’t!!

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