Top 10 Girls Names Opinions Please….?

I am not pregnant, nor am I expecting to me any time soon. However, I still would like some opinions on my top 10 names for girls. I like uncommon, old-fashioned names, that many people do not like, but that’s just me. I’d rather name my daughter something that some people love and some people hate, than…

1) I am in love with the name Tegan! It’s so pretty and unique!
2) This name to me is funny because in high school in spanish my best friend’s name was Brooke and her spanish was Cecelia which brings back good memories and is just a beautiful name in general.
3) I really like the name Imayra but I’m a little confused on how to pronounce it. But I like that you would give her a unique first name but then a less complicated middle name to even it out.
4) Lorna just doesn’t do it for me. But I like the middle name.
5) Audrey is such a pretty like flowy name. And then I really really like Belle as well!
6) HA! I just realized you could call her CJ! I really like that!
7) Corinne is a really pretty name all together.
8) Makenna Louise! It’s like a perfect name!
9) I like Jaceina because it’s soo unique and I’ve never heard it before.
10) I like Myrna. And I also like Blake because it IS a unisex name.:)

These names are really pretty I hope you pick one of them when you actually have a child.

1) Tegan Eloisa – My favorite out of these. (:
2) Cecelia Brooke – Its boring.
3) Imayra Lee – I like the name, just not the spelling.
4) Lorna May- Noooo.
5) Audrey Bell- Love it. (:
6) Claudia Jane. – I dont like the name Claudia
7) Corinne Clarke – I like Corrina better.
8) Makenna Louise – Very pretty.
9) Jaceina Anne – Might be a real name but it looks made up, and trashy.
10) Myrna Blake – Sounds like an old lady.

1) Tegan Eloisa – I think Tegan is adorable…not sure it would age well. The middle name is ok
2) Cecelia Brooke- It’s not my style but I could see the appeal
3) Imayra Lee- no!
4) Lorna May- no!
5) Audrey Belle- It’s ok doesn’t seem to flow well
6) Claudia Jane- I like this but fear they would tease and call her claude
7) Corinne Clarke- No, especially clarke as a mn for a girl…no no no
8) Makenna Louise- I like this but again doesn’t seem like it would age well
9) Jaceina Anne – I’m not a 100% on how to pronounce…seems pretty
10) Myrna Blake- no

I guess I like Tegan, Cecelia, Audrey, and possibly Claudia and Jacenia

1. That’s adorable. It really is.
2. I didn’t like Cecelia, but when it’s paired with Brooke, I think I do.
3. Not a fan of Imayra or Lee. I don’t really like Lee.
4. I like May but I don’t like Lorna very much. Kind of harsh-sounding.
5. Audrey Bell is really pretty. I might prefer to spell it Belle?
6. Claudia Jane… I’m not sure if I like Claudia. It’s alright.
7. I like Cora better than Corinne, and I like Clarke.
8. Makenna Louise is very pretty.
9. Jeceina Anne is pretty. I don’t like the spelling of Jeceina, though, it’s too complicated for such a pretty, feminine name.
10. Myrna Blake. Don’t like it very much, not a fan of Blake or Myrna.

I love:
Audrey Belle
Lorna May
Makenna Louise

I like:
Myrna Blake
Claudia Jane
Tegan Eloisa

I don’t care for:
Imayrs Lee
Corinne Clarke
Jaceina Anne


1. I absolutely love Tegan, not sure about Eloisa, maybe Eloise, but it’s a great name
2. Cecelia is a great name and sounds beautiful with Brooke
3. Not too sure about this one
4. Again, not too sure
5. Bell sounds more like a last name, try Belle? But I love Audrey
6. Sorry, but I’m a West Wing fan and it reminds me of CJ Cregg, or Claudia Jean.
7. Not too big on the matching initials
8, 9, 10. Really don’t like them, sorry.

I absolutely love Tegan Eloisa…it is so pretty! I also love Makenna Louise. The rest are very unique and pretty. The only one that i kinda don’t like is Mryna Blake-Love Blake for a middle name but not sure about Myrna…maybe Myra (My-Rah) or Mirah (Mere-ah) I love your taste in different names!

Tegan Eloisa-Very cute, prefer Reagen and Elise, but it flows nicely.
Cecelia Brooke-I love it! Cece is such an adorable nickname!
Imayra Lee-Imayra is unique and elegant, but Lee does not suit it at all. Other options-Imayra Adele, Imayra Janae, Imayra Carlisse and Imayra Denise.
Lorna May-Sweet and short.
Audrey Belle-Very lovely, though I prefer Aubrey to Audrey or Audra. Belle is so sweet.
Claudia Jane-They are very nice together, Claudina is nicer.
Corinne Clarke-I like them a lot.
Makenna Louise-So sweet, Kenna is a cute nickname and Louise is my great-grandmothers name so I like it a lot.
Jaceina Anne-Jaceina is nice, like Jelissa or Jacinta better and for me Anne is soooo boring. Other options-Jaceina Lauren, Jaceina Rochelle, Jaceina Annette, Jaceina Raylan or Jaceina Klorisse
Myrna Blake-So cute! I love it!!!!!

10. Karlee Liliana- 8 cute 9. Avah May- 10 love it 8. Halle Ariana- 10 I remembver saying i LOVE this two of my favorite names ever 7. Leighton Olivia- 9 very cool 6. Kassidy Joy- 6 i dont like kassidy 5. Blair Sierra- 10 4. Morganne Grace- 10 i like Morganne wayyy better (Yes, it is supposed to be Morg-anne, i like itt !) 3. Madisyn Marie- 10 cute 2. Kassandra Shea- 10 1. Karissa Elisabeth-10 Top 10 Baby Boy Names: 10. Nathaniel (Nate) Hayden- 10 masculine i love it 9. Calsen James- 8 different but i like it C.J is cute 8. Shia Caiden- 10 for Shia 5 for Caiden 7. Camden Jakob- 8 6. Chace Oliver- 10 5. Ryder Jayson- 10 love that 4. Kenson Anthony- 7 different I like Kent but Kenson is cool too 3. Kiptyn Matthew- 7 2. Tyson Edward- 4 not fond of Tyson or Edward i do love Ty tho 1. Kale Ryan- 7 Great names overall

i like Tegan Eloisa, Cecelia Brooke, and Audrey Belle
the only two i didnt like were Imayra Lee and Myrna
but i like that you want old fashioned names which is the same with me =]

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