Was passing the 17th Amendment the biggest mistake this country ever made?


James Madison was probably the one most responsible for having the Senators chosen by the state legislatures. The way the Constitution was orginally setup the House represented the people but the Senate represented the states.

James Madison…

Most of that 19 trillion of debt is from pork spending encouraged by the states. Repealing the 17th amendment will just make it worse.

It’s hard for me to think that there was a worse mistake than the 2003 Bush led Iraq War.

I don’t think that allowing the people to directly elect the Congress who represents us was a mistake.

Possibly, but I don’t see us going back unless we get quite a bit more desperate than we are today.


Note: Listen to Bada Boom, ’cause his perspective takes in sooooooooo much more than the history leading to modern Western cultural, social, and political developments. No, really, IT DOES!!!

So the argument here is that Republicans from gerrymandered districts can better represent the views of the people than the people can?

it was an attempt to solve an existing problem, but might have created other problems. Politics is never perfect.

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