What makes so many in the United States believe they know so much about Iraq ?

Five years ago, few even knew where to find Iraq on the map. Now you red a a few articles in a newspaper, turn on Fox5 or CNN, maybe watch a few “specials” or “documentaries” and suddenly we have a litany of ‘experts’ – most of whom have absolutely no knowledge of Iraq which extends…

I do find it a form of sad comedy. The people here who decry Saddam as an evil dictator who slaughtered his own citizens, yet have no knowledge that we actually supplied him the weapons to do so in the ’80s.

They choose to ignore or are completely ignorant of the fact that we were giving Saddam WMD for the Iran/Iraq War.

That even our former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld shook hands with the man in show of solidarity.

But what else could we do at the time right? I mean, we were pissed off because the lovely puppet dictatorship we helped install in Iran was overthrown by the people of Iran. How dare they. They needed to be taught a lesson.

But why stop at Iraq? We also used to be best buds with Bin Laden. We were giving them full support as they conducted their war against the Soviets, using similar tactics to what they do now. Only we gave them better weapons and logistics than they could get by themselves. We didn’t call them terrorist then though, we called them freedom fighters.

Shall we continue? I wonder if many on here remember a guy named Noriega. We helped him became a dictator in Central America. All was peachy until he decided that he really didn’t want to go along with US policy.

Cuba. Ah Cuba. The US didn’t like the rhetoric coming out of Cuba. Diplomacy? Nah, let’s just invade them and set it up like Puerto Rico. Oooops. Now we a Soviet ally right of our shores.

Vietnam. Damn communists, the buzzword of the time. Think terrorist, and you’ll have the mentality. Couldn’t let them have Vietnam. Ah, the people there want to try communism. We couldn’t let that happen now could we. INVADE!

Noticing a theme here?

Many who post here either have blinders on or are just completely ignorant of the past foriegn policies of the US. Bush did not create “You’re either with us or against us”. We’ve been practicing that for a long time. Well, at least on countries that have some sort of strategic significance. The others we only pay lip service to or ignore entirely.

At least the British empire was open about “Make the world England”.


Sadly enough my friend, we know what we have time to know. This is a complicated world we live in, and it is impossible to know everything about about our own communities sometimes, let alone every corner of the earth….

I too get irritated when people regergitate things the saw on the news (yeah I saw that too), or **** that is just sub-surface details one can find on at the nearest search bar or favorite weblog (which is why I never quote sorces unless I am certain that alomst nobody has heard it), but what do people in other countrie REALLY know about the United States, or even thier closest neighbors. What do the Chinese really know about the Taiwanese or Japanese, or perhaps more relevant, what do the Turks really know about the plight of the Kurds in Iraq?

I guess what I am trying to say is that life is complicated, life in America in particular, is very busy and distracting…. we should be happy that people take any interest at all — even if soccer practice, TV and booty calls seem to take priority over poverty and major world events.

As someone who is in the business of international relations, I feel your pain…..but America is the land of opinions (however ill founded they may sometimes be). The truly sad part is that the information gap (“five years” or more) is not enough to make sound decisions, especially when people are scared and confused…. and missinformed.

The truth is, if political scientists like myself were making decisions, the Iraw war never would have happened….. if all countries let political scientists make decisions, we wouldn’t have any of these problems.

Oh, and yes it is a science!

Iraq is a country whose borders were drawn arbitrarily by the British as they were giving up on the notion of Empire 70+ yrs ago. These borders comprised ancestral lands of Sunnis and Shiites who’ve been having a little disagreement over who was the rightful successor to Mohammed. For 1500 yrs. And I’m not even going to get into the Kurds and their desire for autonomy and what would happen with Turkey and their Kurdish population if they got a homeland.
Thinking that they’d all greet us as liberators or unite in some kind of nationalist furvor is the height of stupidity.
If I’ve known this for years, why didn’t my government?

I know enough to realize our actions are futile. That part of the world has been in conflict pretty much since there has been a that part of the world, and there is nothing that can be done to fix that – especially removing one regime from power. Now that one regime has been removed and the country destabilized, another one is stepping up to swing its huevos around in an attempt to be the big boy on the block. It’s just like a “whack the mole” game – as soon as you smack one back into the hole, two more pop up on either side.

my brain is in a whir, how does the iran/contra scandal give you insight to iraq other than telling you that they where at war. I remember that little incident but I don’t remeber a whole lot about Iraq being aired on the news, they where to busy showing the hearings. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think anything you see on the news even begins to give you any information on any country. I have been to several other countries and believe me, there is nothing on the tv that covers anything close to the truth about any of them. but once again,that is just me.

as for the question, everyone thinks they are an expert about whatever they hear. I listen to boat loads of kids telling me all about what thier teacher said, so it must be true. of course thier teacher got all of thier insight from thier favorite politacal comentator. it’s been like this for years, and it won’t change anytime soon.



Many of us have known quite a bit about Iraq for many years now.
Or have you forgotten that some of us were over their kicking sadam’s troops out of kuwait back in 1991.

Guess you forgot about that though…..Right??

But let’s go back a little farther………

Do you remember when the Kurds living in the town of Halabja were gassed in March 1988?

I remember it well…….

So now I have to ask myself “I wonder how old you are?”


Because either your too young yourself to know of these things or your just another idiot who likes to post garbage, and complain about others, so that you can feel better about yourself and the fact that you have accomplished nothing important in your life.

Well I guess the answer is mass ignorance. Most don’t know the difference between the Suni and Shiate. Had they had a basic knowledge they would have known that taking out this dictator would lead to a civil war between these groups, not to mention the resistance to an occupation for a foreign force they see as imperialist.

If the population read rather than watched fox news, that would help. They criticise AlJazeera for being a propaganda media organisation when they have right wing crazies on fox news sprouting propaganda and calling it fair and balanced.

This develop into theory approximately previously the conflict even began. they have the oil revenues why ought to they no longer pay us for our efforts on their behalf, incredibly in the event that they are appreciative of those efforts and that i’m particular there are some who sense this way. Your analogy relating to the Ferrari is ludicrous.

I was deployed there, and I know more than I ever wanted to know… more than any other single factor, my heart bleeds for the people that live there. They are so used to being abused they almost scared that something good might happen… lovey, generous and for the most part very genuine folks once they get to know YOU.

to be honest i don’t know a damn thing about iraq,except where it is on a middle eastern map,the only thing i think i know is a lot about people in general,i think the war in iraq was the wrong bordering on criminality,by our own laws.

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