Who has been more unethical George W. Bush or Bill Clinton?

During their time as President of the U.S., Which of these two presidents is more ethically challenged, President George W. Bush (current president) or Bill Clinton? To be in the running for the 10 points, tell me why you would say that President behaved more unethically.

Depens what your definition of “ethics” is. If you consider someone who cheats on their wife and than lies about unethical than Clinton. If you think someone who blindly leads his country into a war than Bush.

Sad to say, there is no real way to know. Much of what Clinton did (like his efforts to give China the Long Beach shipyards) isn’t well known. Even more frightening, we have no idea how many things Dubya has done that we don’t know about.

The real answer to your question is much more frightening.

In our modern society, no politician who isn’t unethical can be elected to any significant office.

Those who tempt politicians into unethical actions have no party prefrence, and it is not uncommon for large special interest groups to bribe, er, um, ‘donate’ money to both sides of the aisle during an election.

Without the money, no office.

Which is sad, but it is a truism that people often get the government they deserve. If more Americans would vote, the value of the dollars donated would be diluted, which would allow for honest politicians to have a chance at attaining a position from which they could make change.

but that would require American’s to do such difficult, backbreaking tasks as learning about the candidates, understanding the issues, and (groan, the strain!) poke holes in a little piece of paper.

Obviously that is too much for most Americans to do. The end result, we get to choose between people like Clinton and Bush.


Clinton was actually a decent president. It was his personal life where he had issues.

The only mistake he made was signing off on Nafta, though he didn’t have a big choice on that one because the plans had been laid out before he really came into the picture.

George Bush has been one giant fiasco after another, just like his daddy. The guy is a retard, and he can’t speak worth a damn.

Where Clinton kept up great relationships with other diplomats, Bush manages to do just the opposite because everyone perceives him as the idiot he really is.

Bush was so stupid he actually smiled while he was standing in the middle of Katrina’s devastation. He was SMILING when he was talking about death and destruction. How much more retarded can you be?

Bill Clinton;
He cheated on his wife and although that seems to be a regular happening in this country, is still ethically wrong to me. And then he looked America in the face and lied about it.

Promised a border policy… never happened and still is not happening. Promised independancy from foreign oil.. yea, not happening. Being previously in the military I do understand the war we are in right now so I actually like GW for that.

Overall: Clinton because ethics wise he is the bigger dirtbag. GW is trying to make things right, but the border issue pisses me off. Bush still has a moral compass with stem cell research and he sees the big picture plan for the middle east that is lost on most Americans. ETHICALLY, Clinton sweet talked his way around the public even after he was caught with his pants down.

Bush is worse. He started a war and this affected millions of people and their families. I know–my dad was there. He is trying to feed us a load of baloney, and he is a wimp. Who the hell cares if he’s Christian or is a good upstanding citizen? I’d rather and Atheist who has had 670 tickets, but knows what the heck he’s doing. Clinton only affected his family and Monica’s family. The media gave it the hype. He was a good president–go look at his achevements. What would you prefer, a cheater or an adulterer? No, I’m not a democrat by the way.

George Bush…because his ethics (or lack of) are involving the world. What Clinton did during his presidency did not affect me, the country or the world. His actions may have hurt his personal life, but his actions did not help or hurt other countries. Well, I’m pretty sure George Bush’s decisions are greatly affecting the world just at this very moment.

I will give you my honest opinion. Bill Clinton lied before a Federal Judge – very bad indeed. But – most of what Bill Clinton’s problems were about were really matters concerning him and his relationship with his family. Yes – moral issues for a President can certainly affect ordinary citizens, but – his “family problems” certainly were made extremely public-! Bush lied to this entire Nation. Iraq did NOT have weapons of mass destruction-!! If they did, they certainly would have used them after we invaded, we killed Saddam’s sons, and we were coming after him-!! Instead MANY thousands of soldiers and Iraqi people have died, due to this war which was started by false statements and lies-!!! What about all of the soldiers, not mentioned in the news, who have had their arms and their legs blown off by roadside mines-??? They will have to live for decades without having one or more of their limbs-!!!! In my opinion – what Bush has done is infinitely more UNETHICAL than what Clinton did regarding lying about his extramarital sexual conducts-!!!!

Clinton had a tryst with an intern,,he lied, the Republicans sensationalized his private life on TV, in newspapers, magazines , with all the details for our children to hear,,,, the fiscal conservatives (born-again Christians) claimed that Clinton destroyed the morals of the country,,,,, after making sure our children watched all the details,,,,,, egads

George Bush has lied about his war in Iraq,,, planned before 9-11,,, he says that Democrats are with the terrorists if not with him,, if you don’t agree with the Bush team they call you unpatriotic,,, terror appeasers,,,, this is immoral to the basic values of Americans,,,, he is wrong and unethical,,, immoral,,,

Bush He tries to twist the rules set by the constitution to fit whatever he wants to do no matter How Illegal (wire taps without a warrant) or unethical9 playing on peoples fears by trying to make everything he does relate to 9-11 or the so called war on terror) and claiming those that do not support his policies are either a UN patriotic or support terrorists or both

Clinton fooled around, but it was consensual and the only casualty was a blue dress.

Bush started a war on loose and faulty evidence, which has lead to 2500+ deaths of our sons and daughters, and thousands more contractors and Iraqis. In the meantime, Iran and North Korea have shored up their nuclear capacities. And don’t even get me started on this No Child Left Behind Farce.

Bill had his faults, but he wasn’t a mass murderer.

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