Who usually falls in love first, the man or the woman?

In love, I’ve often heard it say that the man falls much quicker. Is this true? I’ve heard that by the second meeting, he is in love whereas the woman takes some weeks. This is an average of course but I’m interested in your views please.

It depends on the person. I rarely like anyone without there at least being some attraction to me first. It could just be a defensive mechanism, but honestly I never allow myself to like a woman very much without some confirmation, and if I ever find out they are no longer interested I lose interest pretty quickly. I never really go crazy over anyone anyway.

I have no idea about love though.

Anyone who says they fall in love after the “second meeting” is an idiot and clearly has no understanding of the concept of conventional love.

In my experience, the girl is way more into it in the liking stage – say you’re both interested in each other, the girl is like”OMGCAN’TLIVEWITHOUTSEEINGHIMTODAY”, the guy doesn’t really care so much. But when the relationship happens, it’s true, generally the guy gets much deeper feelings much more quickly than the girl.

i fall in love quick so the woman

well s man most of the times
but few instances i saw gal falling in fast

I know i fall pretty quick, so id say the guys


me and my girlfriend had a sort of love at first sight thing.

This question has an obvious answer….Women do!!

it depends on their types

It could be either… no fast rules..

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