Why are Liberals constantly trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right?

Despite the fact that concealed carry laws have lowered violent crimes in every state they have been enacted in and hundreds of thousands of Americans use their guns to stop crimes every year Liberals want to take them away, WHY??

“The U.S. Supreme Court says Americans have an individual right to keep and…

Because they are scared of guns. Most have never touched one and they are afraid one will jump up off of the table and start killing people.

I won’t speak of my own interpretation of the second amendment, as it is doubtlessly the most controversial and ambiguous one. However, the liberal view seems to be a more romantic idea of simply getting all guns off the market (ironic since they love the idea of marijuana being legal). I would love to live in such a society, but it has the same problem that Communism does about protection; it is an attempt to limit people into safety when man has sought freedom and answers since the dawn of man.

These democrats are demons. This gang in Washington right now is also twisting the EPA to do a cap and trade without a senate.house vote.

These people have to be stopped. 67 days.


Because their constituency is very irresponsible with guns. Most Democrat Gun owners are in gangs and possess them illegally. They think that the cloak of being anti-gun makes them appear to want to control their own.

Because a Socialist takeover requires an unarmed citizenry.

Liberals would love to re-write the Constitution

Because you took away their weed. Now, they want revenge by taking away something you love just as much.

That does not infringe on your right to bear arms. By the way, how’s the well-regulated militia?

Guns scare them

Haven’t heard any Dem in congress calling to repeal the second amendment,but I do hear the Rep calling to repeal the 14th amendment

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