Why are so many school shooters gun-owners?

Should we make gun-ownership illegal?

The US government is already corrupt, and has been spitting on the US constitution for decades. Your guns have failed you. Good luck when the uprising starts, i’m sure a disonorganised militia with hunting rifles and handguns will do great against one of the world’s largest armies with tanks, fighter jets and nuclear weapons.

Please people, get back to earth. Your argument might have made sense when the army had muskets but it makes no sense now. No one is going to break into your house to brutally murder you, they will at worse steal your stuff.

If you have a gun, then they are obviously more likely to shoot you. When everyone has a gun you breed a state of paranoia. In my country no one has guns, and there are no shootings. We feel safe in our homes; I sleep with my doors unlocked.

When I see other people, they are just that: people. Not vicious murderers. Less guns means less violent crime. It’s common sense backed up by statistics. The reason you have such a problem with crime like this is because you all have guns and are sitting there waiting for someone to kill you.

Making gun ownership illegal is over reacting.
We should make schools illegal, as they are obvious targets for trouble.
Home schooling is the answer.

Obviously, I’m joking. But some people would take me absolutely seriously, and agree with what I’ve said.

Hey guess what? the majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens that use their guns for protection, not killing innocents. I believe in stricter gun laws for criminals, but 39% of Americans own a gun. Can you imagine how huge of a asset that would be in an invasion, that’s bigger than any army on Earth! You don’t understand the importance of guns in our history. The Japanese said in WWII that if they invaded the US, “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass”, so they didn’t invade.

Of course not.

Mass murders also have another thing in common, they are all mentally ill. Instead of banning weapons, like guns, why not find a way to detect those with mental illness and then treat them. Banning weapons is illogical; it does not address the issue. Learning how to detect and treat the mental illness is the rational solution.

Ownership of a gun is not important. What important is, “What made that man do such a horrible thing to the innocent kids”.

O! Heavens thanks he wasn’t a Muslim.

**** no the 2nd ammendment was put into place so we could keep our government in check if they decide to just say screw our rights, not to mention to protect yourself from the people who would just get the guns illegally any way. drugs are illegal and they seem to be every where.

It’s because it’s very difficult to shoot a school if – in your insane state – you have to borrow a gun from your neighbor in order to accomplish your goal.

Why are the majority of gun owners law-abiding citizens?

edit: @ qxz: Care to explain that?

Gun-ownership SHOULD be illegal. The 2nd Amendment might have made sense in 1791 but it makes no sense now.

Because crossbows are obsolete

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