Why do you not see many white men dating black women?

This is not a racist question before you ask!
I live in a city where around 50% of the population is black so am not in a predominantly white city.
I know and see many black men/white woman couples but hardly ever see white men/black women couples.
Do white men not date black women or do black women not date…

White men and black women have a lot of bad ancient history with each other. That’s all I can think of. When black women do go after white men he’s usually not American. I’ll tell you that much. It is pretty funny though how it took a black woman and a white man to legalize interracial marriage, but nowadays it’s like they don’t want anything to do with each other. Lol oh well. My mom is black and dad is white (Jewish). I consider myself one of the rare ones.

@ Blake- I was meaning that over here in America we’re rare. Most of the other biracials that I come into contact with usually have a black father/white mother. You’re over in Europe, so it’s no surprise that you probably see more biracials like us, more so probably than the ones with black fathers/white mothers. Europe never had bad history with black people.

I don’t know why people say this so much. I’m not sure were all of you are living but I do see it. Not as often as black men with white women like you said, but I do see it. Its really not an unusual pairing like many people on here think. Now what is unusual is black women with asian men. never seen that before. But i would not consider a white man and a black woman to be a rare pairing.

It is both. Black women are not generally interested in White men, but White men don’t care one bit. So there is no chance for the pair to every get going.

I think its just because both white guys and black girls are afraid to approach each other (I know i was and my ex). I have dated white guys before and I can tell you the first time, growing up in Texas, going to a predominatly white school you never saw interracial couples to be honest. But I really just got to know him and eventually confessed my feelings. Then another reason could be your area, i’ll tell you this much in soutehrn states you are unlikely to see it, but the more north you go you probably will se it more. Like California, i did see a lot of bw/wm pairngs. But I’m not sure about other states because I dont travel that much. But in all I don’t really think bw/wm is rare. I mean yeah i do see black men with white women more, but I do often seen black women with white men. I’m always outside though, i never stay inside my house. So i get to see more

It’s not unusual at all, at least were I live. My dad is white and my mom is black and nobody has ever gazed at us in astonishment wondering how that happened. I mean come on, its 2011. I think if you traveled out your country you would see a lot more of this pairing. Because I know i do and people I know have too.
@Jenelle- we are not rare….
@cant stand anymore- lol didn’t I hear you say that you like Black men? i read it on one of your answers/questions. I’m guessing your really a white woman or just a gay white man?
EDIT: Oh so you have a clone?
@Jenelle- Yeah i guess i wouldn’t know too much about interracial in America, because I have only traveled there two times.

There are so many answers I could give you. Like:

-It depends on the area you live in.
-The sentiments of the people around you.
-The media’s influence

I do not consider this pair an elusive one. It’s been going on for quite some time now, just more discreetly. This pairing is not as focused on or blatant as the others. Which I think is a very good thing. I do not know why I think it’s an accepted union in the U.S, that is. It just feels that way….I’m getting off subject though.

Because black women prefer black men.Only 280,000 black men are married to white women compared to over 4 million black men black women couples in America.

We prefer each other. I prefer black women

I wonder did user Kitty put enough make-up on today? Looks like enough for 15 faces. Just saying..

I believe its because they are intimidated by them. I’m a black guy whose dated pretty much every color of the rainbow…I find that black, latina and even asian girls have a bit of sass. But I love a challenge. I know a few white guys who date black girls exclusively however.

None of this changes the fact that anyone’s parents, no matter what race, gets considerably more and more racist the older the generation becomes.

I don’t like their nappy hair, wide noses, flat feet, and I don’t like really dark skin. And I think wigs are a turn off.


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