15 Year old son took car for a joyride and almost killed someone!?

Me and my husband were going out for the night, and we were just going to do dinner and a movie. Well while we were halfway through eating, the kitchen restraunt caught fire, so we had to clear the building, we were so shocked by the fire we just decided to go home, and skip the movie. On our way home, about five…

My parents would have made me pay for the damages and wait till i was 17 or 18 till i could get my license. My parents were…strict enough…with me…i was a BRAT growing up…i defied EVERYONE lol…but now that i am grown up..everything my parents did for me…i appreciate and am happy they made me realize what i did and had me take responsibility. You don’t literally have to make him pay for the damages just make him think he is…make him do chores or certain jobs or some kind of work…w/out pay…that will teach him. sure as hell taught me. and the license thing…if you do do that, just make sure he understands…his actions resulted in this punishment

This is kind of surprising to me. It seems like a teen who would do this type of reckless behavior would have had a little more warning signs that he couldn’t be trusted alone at home? maybe not, I’m no expert when it comes to teens but I never would have done that as a teen, and i was a trustworthy kid. But usually the friends I had in high school that would do that type of thing were ALWAYS getting in to trouble….

Anyway I think making him come home straight after school and no computer (except for homework) and tv is okay for at least a few months. On top of that, he’s old enough to get a job and would have to repay the damages. Also, as punishment, he would have to wait to get his permit. Rules vary by state so if you can get your permit at 16 there, I would say he would have to wait until 17 or 16.5. And I wouldn’t make the mistake of leaving him alone again.

Okay, so as a teen myself i figured i could help you look at this situation from someone close to his age. first of all, both you and your husband need to CALM DOWN. I understand that your mad, but everyone make mistakes sometimes. Before punishing him, you should sit down and talk to him, i feel like theres probably a deeper meaning for him doing what he did, especially if he’s normally well behaved. Maybe he’s in trouble (that he’s not telling you about, teens tend to do that with their parents), or maybe wants attention from you because of your other child (that would explain the whole locking him in a room thing) or maybe he just wasn’t thinking. Anyway, now that the yellings over I think you need to calm down, talk to him, move him back in, and then give him limitations. Home school is pretty extreme. But basically when it comes down to it, you and ur husband are the only ones who will know in your hearts what the right punishment is and know one else on here will. They dont know your son.

Punishment wont shock him into thinking what he did was wrong but here in the UK we have a programme where teenagers like your son that were caught meet parents of children killed by teenager drivers and also other people who have lost or have had relatives seriously injured by drivers just like your son and this shocked the teenagers that had been caught in the same position as your son and some were in tears sometimes its enough to make them think i know your son did not kill any one but seeing relatives and parents that have lost some one will make him think about what he did

Ask your local police department if they have such a thing

You can’t home school him. Your grammar is so atrocious that he will learn nothing from you. Did you read what you wrote at all? Sell the car and send him to military school before it’s too late. This kid is getting away with murder. He needs attention, guidance and structure. Probably something he is lacking at home right now. If you don’t do this, you will be spending that money anyway, in lawyers’ fees and bail. Your choice. BTW, it is illegal to home school without having a Master’s degree. Your son will be unable to take standardized tests.

A beating would be good. Either beat him with a stick, or make him get a job.
This is why i think NY is the smartest state, minimum age for license is 18. We dont need kids acting like their 18.

right off the back i would say a good ol Spanking maybe you would be able to get through him if you did and make him pay for the damages byy getting a job

Just looked it up. This same question has been asked 5 different times on this site.

Military school, making him pay for it, or a good beating would be in order like the others said

This exact question was asked a month or so ago.

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