American iraq war crimes?

I saw a video about some american troops blowing up a mosque that is bad man. Is there no respect in war anymore. Do the british blow up the mosque. From what i have been told we starve them out. but america is wanting peace in the middle east then stop blowing up the holy places.(do not comment on spelling or…

THANK YOU!!! at least somebody sees it…yep. they’re very disrespectful.

1. You can’t spell. Sorry, but you can’t.
2. You ask a great question.
3. This war is a crime.
4. If I were the boss – I mean, if I had to go to war, and I emphasize HAD TO… nothing would be off limits. Nothing. If my troops got shot at from a mosque, as an example. I’d flatten the mosque. If I got shot at from a school, I’d flatten the school. Cruel, I know, but that’s what I’d do, But please believe me when I say – IF I HAD TO GO TO WAR. Diplomacy is always the best avenue. We’re all human, after all. And we’re all on the same planet, longing for the same things. We’re equal. In every respect.

But since you asked me this question, consider this… are the Iraqi citizens better off now without Saddam… okay wait, let me rephrase… are future Iraqi citizens better off because of U.S. intervention?

Hmm… I’ve thought about it too. I suppose only time will tell.

When the opposition does not follow the rules of the Geneva convention;
When the opposition is hiding in mosques and fighting from them;
When the opposition is using mosques to hide munitions;
When the opposition does not wear a uniform and hides behind civilians;

They are NOT protected by the Geneva Conventions.

They aren’t even worthy to be called human.

These places are NOT holy places if used this way. They have joined the conflict and SHOULD be blown up.

Don’t be silly.

from what I gather. They blow them up because The Terrorist are using them as there base of operations. When the terrorist use them as their safe havens, they are no longer holy places. It wouldn’t matter if it was a Catholic church/Synagogue/Temple etc…If the bad guys are using these places to hide in, they will get blown up. I am not saying that it is right or wrong, I am just sayin.

There is no respect in War…Just look at how many innocent people have been beheaded by terrorist. Where is the respect in that?

The people of the Middle East are lucky that the Americans are not fighting this war like they did in WWII. If that were the case, there would be nothing left in the Middle East.

It seems like Bush has been doing everything possible to prevent peace from happening. First there was the flimsiest of excuses to go to war in the first place, especially when it was the U.S. that had sold him some of the chemical and biological weapons that we were suddenly so worried about (and kept doing so long after it was known that he was using them against the Kurds and the Iranians). Then there was the Abu Ghirab prison scandal. And the no-bid to Halliburton (and/or its subsidiaries). Then there’s the handing over of suspected terrorists, some of whom apparently never had any link to terrorists in the first place, to countries that allow torture of prisoners.
And no, I do not blame America first. On the other hand, as a Christian, I cannot gloss over the sins committed by my country.

The regulations of conflict neither approve nor condemn such acts, which fall outdoors their scope. whether, international locations that have signed the UN convention against Torture have dedicated themselves to no longer use torture on all of us for any reason. voters and infantrymen of international locations that have not signed the Fourth Geneva convention additionally are no longer secure via it (Article 4: “Nationals of a State which isn’t certain via the convention are no longer secure via it”.), whether or no longer they are spies or terrorists. additionally, voters and infantrymen of international locations that have not signed and don’t abide via the third and Fourth Geneva Conventions are no longer secure via them. (Article 2, of the two Conventions: “[The severe Contracting events] shall besides be certain via the convention on the concern of [a ability which isn’t a contracting social gathering], if the latter accepts and applies the provisions thereof”. word: emphasis extra) So mutually as such acts are frowned upon, no unlawful acts have been dedicated. Please do no longer cite the Geneva or Hague conventions devoid of first reading them.

Maybe they should stop using mosques as military installations, then? America did respect them at first but more and more it seems that the insurgent Iraquis are condemning their own holy places by using them as a place for military refuge and staging.

Look Lib. Those mfers would cut kill and rape our solders with out blinking F-them This is war there are no rules in war . Ask the people in the World trade center if they mind… oh wait you can’t . That is a direct correlation to this religious war.

War is Stupid——-Boy George

Why, then, don’t you go over there and tell the bad guys to stop hiding in them. Do you actually listen when the news is on or do just look at the picture?

does it matter what america wants?? HOW IS ANY OF THIS OUR PROBLEM EVEN?? our men are dying….we shoulve never gone there!! instead lets pray for God to handle it….ITS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

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