Baseball: Who do you think will win the “world Series” ?

The best that baseball has to offer is here…the World Series! Who will win?
I know the team with the most runs will. Their will be the heroes; the goates
the obscure stars and the tension.In a close game their will be missed opportunites,
errors and bone head plays.I feel this is going to come down to the…

I think the key matchup in this series is the matchup between the Rangers Hitting and the Giants Pitching. I think the Giants pitching will have a slight advantage because they have home-field advantage in a pitcher’s ballpark. That means that certain balls that may have been home runs in The Ballpark at Arlington will not be home runs at AT&T. As a result, the Rangers will have to manufacture more runs. Will they be able to string together multiple hits against the tough Giants pitching staff? We shall see. Texas has also played very well on the road this postseason. If the Rangers want to win the series, that will have to continue.

Something else to watch is how well the Giants hit. If the Giants cannot keep up with the Rangers offense (assuming the Rangers score like they normally do) then they will have a tough time winning games. It should be a good series. The only reason people don’t like this series is because of the names on the jerseys when in reality we would be discussing the same issues (Yankees offense vs. Phillies pitching) if the Yankees and Phillies had won. I like the Rangers in 6 because I think they are the more complete team. They can hit better than the Giants, pitch as well as the Giants, have as good a bullpen as the Giants. I think Cliff Lee and C.J. Wilson help pitch their teams to the first World Series in franchise history.


Giants in 6 games

Defiantly Giants..2010 World Champs Baby! Lincecum and Wilson DESTROY rangers

Go Giants S

Rangers in 6

I am thinking and hoping the Giants win! Mr. Bochy (there is no E in his name)(I know him as Bruce or Boch) was a high school buddy of mine so I am rooting for him more than the Giants!

Rangers in 5

Cardinals or Red Sox in 7

Rangers in 6. Their hitting will be able to figure out Giant ptiching.. I can’t wait for game 1. Lee vs. Lincecum!

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