Best NASCAR driver?

Who is the best Nascar driver and why

Jeff Gordon
79 wins
4 Championships
303 ahead of 2 ND in points
Broke Numerous Nascar Records
In Nascars Top 50 Drivers
He’s Awesome !!!!!!
He is Supermans Biological Son !!!!!

This question always triggers a lot of biased answers.
All time best is Richard Petty.
Today, the best drivers on the circuit are Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Denny Hamlin, and Kevin Harvick.
Not easy to pick one as the best, they are all too good.

Jeff Burton is the Best Nascar Driver!!!!

He races all the drivers clean, he respects everyone on the track as well as off the track! He will not wreck anyone to get a win, if he can’t pass you clean then he will take 2nd place! He will always take the blame if he wrecks and someone else gets involved, and he always always apologizes to the other drivers if his wreck causes them to wreck! He is a great teammate and a great person!

Of all time- Richard Petty
Present time- Jeff Gordon

Jeff is on a roll this year, but when you think who is the best driver that has ever been in NASCAR it’s Richard Petty.

Jeff Gordon RULES!!!
Drive For 5!!!
Kiss those bricks Jeff!!!

Sorry guys, I gotta go with Junior Johnson. He may not have been the best, but he’s up there.
This guy is a walking history book.

Stories of haulin ‘shine / rot-gut / hooch and white-lightnin on the back roads of NC in the 40s Rules!!!!!!

well my first choice is bill elliott.because he drives a safe and fast race.he has been in the business a long time.i would love to see him win a race again in the 21 wood brothers car.but my second pick is dale jr cause he tells people like it is.he doesnt drive like his dad and that is a good thing.he drives the way he wants toand he was improving til his step-mother butted now he is going to a good team.and i think now he will start winning races next year.and hopefully win a championship.

terry labonte hands down. he may of only won 22 races but he is one of the 50 greatest drivers in NASCAR and and inducted into the texas sports hall of fame, and raced 665 consecutive races

Tony Stewart,he is more like the “ironmen” drivers of the 60’s(Darrell Derringer,Curtis Turner) .

Tony Stewert- Cause he`s good on the track and presents his self good off the track.. An he`s driving Chevy Monte Carlo….

Jamie McMurray

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