Bill Clinton is on his way to release the 2 hostages from North Korea, is he a cool guy or what?

Hillary arranged everything with the North Koreans, about the release, …she would have made an excellent President..

I will second that.

Knowing Obama, he would capitulate and give North Korea the $10 million demanded by North Korea to keep him.

And all that a mere couple of weeks after the North Koreans said his beloved wife looked like a pensioner going shopping!

I say let those two Al Bore employees rot in prison and serve their sentence. Anyone stupid enough to jump the North Korean border deserves no special efforts to spring them.

Hey, why isn’t tough guy Al Bore going to do the dirty work? Is he too busy counting his cash from selling ridiculous things like “carbon offset credits” to gullible leftists?

Knowing Bill he will have a sex party with them while hes at it.

And yes, Hillary would have been 1000000 times better than that clown we are stuck with.

B ill Clinton is so cool he will have those two girls freed and screw both of them on the plane on the way back to the States… I love that guy!

Americans would only vote for a woman if she looks ok in a bikini.

he is going to kick their *** for talking about hillary the way they did

Is Monica going to be there also? Just asking

The coolest!

sure,he is just going down to update the nuclear secrets he sold them in his administration! what a guy!

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