Deja vu anyone? The situation with Iraq and the Middle East is a very similar to a past war.?

I vaguely remember something called the Korean War. We invaded Korea and blew them back but that we had hit a speed bump with China. Now im not trying to bash non-supporters of the war but modern North Korea came from the fact that we didn’t finish the job in Korea. Do you really want another country like…

Well said and I agree!

No one is going to win the war in Iraq except some faction of the Iraqi’s!

We have been there longer than WW II and it is getting worse, not better! How many troops are you willing to sacrifice and how many times do you think you can rotate them back without having a mutiny?

No I don’t agree with you, and your history is flawed as well!

I was in Korea twice and Vietnam once, and if you really want to know when we got involved in Vietnam it was the 1800’s and we are the ones who created North Vietnam by backing the French colonialism after we had support Ho Chi Minh !

Perhaps you should throw a little blame at the US for attacking a country who had nothing to do with terrorist or 9/11.

If you really care to read about Vietnam, go here: It only has one factual error when it indicates Clinton got us into Somalia. Actually, we got involved on December 10, 1992, after Clinton was President-Elect! George Bush put the troops into Somalia and never bothered to tell Clinton! Nice guy, huh!

I feel the same way about Iraq!

“Vietnam was not just a mistake. Any U.S. venture in another part of the globe will also be a mistake for the GIs who buy the government’s lies. Vietnam was not a “noble cause,” except for those who fought to bring our brothers home after they made the mistake of going. As for foreign aggression, hear the words of Medal of Honor winner and Marine commandant Smedley Butler:

“War is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes…How many millionaires ever shoulder a rifle?

“For a great many years as a soldier, I had the suspicion that war was a racket. Not until I retired did I fully realize it.

“I was,” said Butler of his own role in Central American intervention, “nothing more than a gangster for Wall Street.””

As some would say, especially you right wingers, War in Korea and Vietnam were over the spread of “COMMIES” not for OIL!

Why is it you who don’t have a clue about history, or was never even part of it, so willing to send someone elses kid to die for Exxon?


Exxon is rich enough to fight their own damn war!

I agree we need to stay until vistory but your analogy is horrible. There will not be a cease fire. There is not great power fighting us. China always had mass numbers of people giving them power that their technology lacked. Iran wishes it was China. For Iraq to become North Korea, the government there has to fail so completely that it will not happen. If necessary the US will supply weapons to Iraqis fighting the side that wants to be like North Korea. Lastly Ike ended the way with a subtle threat of nuking China. The Chinese decided to end it instead of finding out if he was bluffing or not. No Democrat will bluff Iran.

I think a better analogy is the one Bush used recently with the Vietnam war. Back then, liberals said nothing would happen if we left–in fact, the fighting would end. What did happen was genocide, reducation, torture, and mass killings. Also, vietnam made us look weak in the eyes of our enemies. This is why al qaeda thinks they can get away with terrorism, because they think America is weak. If we leave Iraq without finishing the job, the killings will happen again and our enemies will be emboldened.

Great idea. Finish what you start. The problem is that logic or reason doesn’t rule our governments actions. It’s people that do that that. And people like to think that our withdrawal from Korea was the best thing and probably want to repeat that again when they get the opportunity so, keep voicing your opinion maybe it will sink in on some of those people not sure what to think of the situation.

We never invaded Korea, North Korea invaded South Korea. But I agree, history repeats itself. Too bad none of the Libs know American history.

No. Get out of Iraq, support Israel, and get out of Afghanistan as well.

The Americans started Vietnam on a pretence, messed it up thoroughly, with hundreds and thousands of innocent lives lost.

The Americans have actually never won a war outside their own soil. The ‘helped’ win WW 11, only because of Pearl Harbour, and that was orchestrated to bring the Americans into the the war.

The most disturbing similarities are the tactics of the media, the Hollywood elitists and the anti-war zealots. The PC, stay the high ground at any cost advocates, don’t help matters any, either.
Your conclusion about the importance of finishing this war once and for all is outstanding. Defeat of any kind when dealing with the likes of the Islamic militants is not an option.
I am proud that the United States did not cower to their demands but rather confronted them and sent a clear message – they cannot continue to slaughter innocent people with impunity, there will be serious consequences.

i agree with ur war analogy but its vietinam where were defeated by an inferior military wich took over country after loosing 58,000 americans and devastating indochina. We signed cease fire to keep china from taking all of Korea and also becaue world was united behind beating back Northern agression not taken over north, That war had diplomatic support because Krushev threw tantrum and would bot deal with it

Don’t forget one of the Democrats crowning glories from that war, a DMZ line. Just like the one they installed in the Vietnam war. Do you notice that wars started by democrats go this way. Lots of deaths of our troops and areas only our enemies can use to escape and regroup. Check the Venona project files. they know now that Roosevelt did not get involved in WWII until his Russian friends were in trouble. Check it out.

The info has shown that the secret intelligence we had substitute into in errors, yet that being pronounced I truthfully have additionally considered info that Sodam Insane and his cabinet have been speaking with Al queda and have been in severe progression of WMD. They weren’t as stepped forward yet as they could have loved. of course there is not any oil connection as we observed with the gas fee hike the place OPEC substitute into truthfully in charge. I truthfully have considered interviews with leaders in Iraq who’re very fascinated with this concept of democracy as against a dictatorship. it is so new to them that they do no longer understand what to do with their freedom and have made some errors and there has been bloodshed to pay for those errors. the numerous larger leaders in Iraq are beginning as much as comprehend the way their economic device can strengthen and a good variety of of their human beings can stay below lots greater suitable residing circumstances than residing below a dictatorship. the respond and this may well be an underlying and constructive motivation which would be unable to be underestimated interior the area of the middle East. Allied worldwide places could desire to have leverage against an financial attack which includes a decrease off of oil from OPEC or can guard the area from Iran or Russia with the presence of a delightful u . s . interior the middle East Bin weighted down is in Pakistan and obombus is making plans on entering into that territory interior the close to destiny. no rely if it is to get bin weighted down, he’s making yet another of many extensive errors because of the fact it is going to reason a warfare with an best chum who has nuclear weapons. 4500 deaths would be miniscule to the hot loss of existence toll. We could desire to be in touch with that area consistently to any extent further because of the fact there are those in that area given the time, technologies and money will launch greater assaults because of the fact people who’re in capability have a loss of existence want for u . s . of america. luckily, because of the fact of those brave infantrymen who’ve given their lives for that reason some distance, we’ve been able to teach our faces and our way of existence to those who’ve been residing in darkness, propaganda and oppression so as that they are able to’t be lead off track approximately what human beings are. The pursuit of existence, liberty and happiness for all…and the renovation of. we don’t need yet another attack on our place of beginning…our men and ladies have achieved their job honorably. God bless.

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