Fantasy football auto-draft. HELP?

I’m in a yahoo fantasy football league that has an auto-draft. I’m fairly comfortable picking the players I want for each position. However, the auto-draft has you set up a ranked list of players you want to draft. I’m lost as to how many players I should list for each position and in which order….

You rank them in order that you want them. If you get the first pick in the draft, who do you want? Rank him #1. If you get the #2 pick, and that first guy is gone, then who do you want? Rank him #2…. etc, etc.

Yes, the 2nd round might depend on which position you got in the first round, but there is only so much you can do with Yahoo’s autodraft. (The draft is the most fun part of the league, why autodraft?)

I would start with the top 10 RBs at the top Then the top 2 or 3 QBs Then the top 10 WRs (you can include one top TE if you want) Then the rest of your top 10 QBs. This should get you through the first 3 to 4 rounds. Make sure you remove any injured players from the default list (those out for the year or maybe even out more then 6 weeks) Kickers and TEs should be way down your list (no higher then 100) There is not alot of difference between the average ones. You may put a few of the top defenses in but no higher then 60-70 Just my 2 cents

Been looking all over yahoo fantasy football to join auto pick league all i see is live draft. Were to look ?

I can’t make it when my league’s live draft is scheduled. Can I set my team to auto-draft so that they don’t have to wait the full time for each of my picks?

How to set up auto draft?

Can you explain the Auto Draft? Yahoo continues to say “Your draft will commence shortly” – been saying that for 3 hours??!! When/How do I know when the Auto Draft will commence and when it finishes?? Very frustrating…

HELP! Auto draft picked all of the players in our league and that is not what we wanted. Can this be undone so our actual picks show? HELP!

the yahoo auto pick is the worst. it prioritizes filling all starting positions before the bench which is contrary to every draft strategy that stresses picking defense and kicker last. you basically waste two middle picks on the lowest priority positions. it will also pick multiple QB and TE if they are ranked higher than a more important RB/WR that you need on your bench. the lack of control by the team manager to set priorities makes the yahoo auto pick the absolute worst. i can’t believe they haven’t made the effort to correct this glaring failure.

does auto draft take bye weeks into consideration?

how do I join one

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