Greek mythology homework assignment?

For English I have to write my own Greek myth. I was going to write one on why Greek gods no longer exist today.

It was going to be where man progressively loses faith in in the gods, and the gods progressively lose power. To solve this problem, the gods manifest themselves as things modern man worships (money,…

I’m sure you’ll think of something if you research their powers. In any case, you can manifest them into people if all else fails.
Zeus could be power, Hades could beā€¦something related to death, maybe funerals? Aphrodite is beauty, Athena can be books or wisdom, Hermes could be money. Obviously, Apollo would be sun and his sister -Artemis, I think- moon. Poseidon: Sea/Oceans; Hera: the sky?
Those are just some ideas, but I’m not entirely sure whether all of these
Are what people worship, but whatever.
Good luck!

B could desire to be Boreas, (God) (wind of the north), or Bia (The personification of violence)(God), or Bellerophon (Greek hero) F could desire to be the Fates, or the Furies Q There are NONE in any respect R could desire to be Rhea, or Rhamusia X could desire to be Xanthos Y There are NONE in any respect Sorry i can not think of of Q and Y, those letters in basic terms did no longer’ exist returned then, I appeared for the time of my Greek mythology e book and could no longer discover an merchandise that each and each physique started with Q or Y.

Zeus as thunder
Apollo as sunlight
Hera as the heavens
Athena as an owl
Artemis as a deer
etc. etc.

didn’t you already ask this


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