How do you politely tell someone…?

How do you politely tell someone (female) that they’ve grown a mustache? I know it sounds awkward, but If I had a mustache I would want someone to tell me so I could wax it. Anyway, my mom is getting older and has started developing old lady facial hair, and she hasn’t noticed. She’s into getting her…

Suggest a girls day out at a spa with waxing, massages, etc. If she agrees to it and gets it done, you could say something to the effect of “Wow the facial waxing really makes a difference!” Being the fashion conscious woman she is, maybe she’ll pick up on it and decide to get it done on a regular basis. It also makes for some great mother and daughter bonding time =). Good luck!

Trust me. She knows. She just hopes no one else will know.
There are creams and ointments available for women with unwanted facial hair.

Maybe you should give her the opportunity to come to the conclusion herself, perhaps by telling her about your friend’s mom or someone else who is growing facial hair, and tell her what you would do in that situation if it was you. I know it seems lame, but it is the only tactful way I can think of to bring up the subject, without being rude and saying out right “Dude. You have a mustache. Wax that thing before it takes over your life.”

The worst thing that you can do in this circumstance is lecture your friend and then not help him! If you give him the answer he will learn something. Everyone needs help every once and a while. Its not like he is asking you to write all his papers for him, or calling you at three AM in the morning and asking you to bring over two shovels and not to ask any questions. Help him out and don’t give him one of those tired old parent lines like if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you do the same thing? Its your call. Do what you think is right. Good Luck Bob

You may not want to do it this way, but this is what I would do. I would start talking about your own hair in a positive manner, and then, say, “speaking of hair, oh gosh Mom, I found like 2 hairs on my upper lip!” even if it isnt true 😉
Then ask her if she has ever had that problem, she may say no, but it will be in her mind and I am willing to bet you that she looks in the mirror herself later on and sees it.
If all else fails, ask her how she removes the hair she has, cause you need advice for yourself on it. Making it “seem” like a problem that you have as well wont make it so uncomfortable for her.
Good luck 🙂

Sense it’s your mother, you can buy her a cute makeup kit and make sure you include something to diminish mustaches. But when you give it to her, make sure you do it in a nice way and do not point out the mustach removal stuff. She will see that herself.

But most of all, remember to love her. I’m young too. And one day we will get older and our bodies will change. Never be embarrassed. She is the one that brought you into this world and took care of you when you was a child.

If she’s into getting her hair done, she probably has someone she goes to regularly, right? If so, call him/her and get them to say something. For some reason, hairstylists can say almost anything to us without it sounding offensive. I guess because it’s all in the name of beauty! We are close enough with them that we will usually listen, but not so close that our feelings are seriously hurt. Or maybe that’s just me.

Say this, “Mom, why do some women with mustaches not shave them?” And then ask her, “Do you think I have a mustache?” And then you say, “I see some hair on your face.” Say it in a playful way though.

whoa…that’s tricky.

You could perhaps mention that you just had your upper lip waxed and ask if she does? If you connect with her on some personal level like that usually a person is more likely to not take up the defensive.


just say to her casually mom let me give you a facial it will relax you then take out whatever you got to remove the whiskers and do it besides applying makeup etc at the end of the session say casually hey look how nice it looks with out those littles whiskers

what i would do is say mom im waxing my eye brows and mustache do you want to do it with me (evin though you dont have one) so she doesn’t feel like you attacking of targeting her make it like a mother daughter activity

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