Is your husband addicted to video games or his xbox?

My husband is addicted to video games. He will sometimes play for 11-12 hours straight on his off days, and as soon as he gets home from work he goes straight to his xbox.

I’m glad that he is home safe and not out drinking or whatever, but it’s annoying at times. Especially when he zones out and he…

I was wondering the same thing about our 16 yr. old son. If he works and it doesn’t affect his work performance and he get’s things done around the house.. .he might be okay,but 11-12 hrs. is extreme to me.. Next time he comes home from work.. meet him at the door in some nice clothing.. He might forget about the xbox.. If that doesn’t work.. Meet him at the door and tell him your going out.. That might be a wake up call! Good luck.

Yeah, I know a few guys like this. Apparently it’s pretty common. It may just be a short phase he’s going through (hopefully). Women always seem to get pissed at whatever makes a man happy, haha. I went through something silmular with a baseball video game. I had a 152 game season going and I kept wanting to get through the season, but of course my wife stopped that before it got too far out of hand. Most normal guys will wake up and snap out of it once they see it REALLY bothers you. Use the same approach you used on here. Use the exact same words. He won’t take you serious if you’re just bitching or trying to put him down. If you express your true feelings, he should make some changes if he’s smart. If he doesn’t, you need to step it up a knotch and doing what xjaz suggested. Not sure why he got a thumbs down, but that should def get your hubs attention. My wife did something simular to me. Good thing I didn’t let her leave though and I improved tremendously. Now I simply play when she’s gone and only after I’ve taken care of all my business.

i’m no longer sorry to pay attention that. many human beings have this difficulty, I also have a psthree and as quickly as I get online to play a typical pastime like “call of accountability 4” i tend to work out the comparable human beings on there. Many video games now a days are addicting, in case you have an HDTV and your husband is draw to the wonderful visuals then there lies the difficulty, if its even a difficulty, apparently your husband has got here across a sparkling pastime (if this in simple terms recently began taking place) and is draw to it. Its no longer a difficulty, video games now a days show you how to hook up with different game enthusiasts. He in all probability has associates at artwork that he performs with. It should not be a huge deal, till you incredibly desire to be with him that plenty then you incredibly would desire to tell him precisely the way you sense. He in all probability would not sense like going out, he in all probability would not desire to bypass determining to purchase with you, or he in all probability would not think of theres something solid to do with you around the residing house. Play a pastime or 2 with him, in case you do no longer like it as much as he does, then bypass out and purchase a pastime which you like and tension him to play it. One recommendation is for you the two to make a journey out of the residing house and out of the city, do some thing he’s by no ability completed before. it would sparkling his ideas somewhat, i doubt that as quickly as you come again he will end enjoying, whether it will provide you 2 time to speak approximately your thoughts without distractions. i think of of video games as a fashion of connecting with human beings, in simple terms like the human beings on MSN or AOL or any of those messenger purposes, in basic terms you could now work together with different human beings from international, no longer in basic terms your human beings. Many couples have this difficulty, some seem to to be waiting to stay with this “situation”. a minimum of he’s no longer on the computing gadget 24/7. That’ll make your genuine suspicious. look on the stunning area, you a minimum of understand what he does, no longer something is going on at the back of your back. solid luck.

Walk past the TV in only your underwear…very skimpy underwear. Works for me when I spend too much time play video games

Dear Bianca,
Wear a sexy negligee and ask him if he wants to play this game. I’ll bet he turns off the xbox!

You are being ignored. Talk with him and remind him that he has PLENTY of time to play on that thing when you are at work.

We don’t have that problem here. My husband doesn’t find those things fun.

is he gay? if not, definitely a geek

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