My 3 1/2 year old son has suddenly in the past week had a huge behavior and other changes.?

He has severe sleep apnea and he has a few learning disorders they think relate to that. Otherwise he is the sweetest happiest child ever! In the past week his slur has gotten worse, he has been peeing beside the toilet instead of in it, and he has been having freakouts. Like the other day we got a ride home from a…

You are right. There is some underlying physical stress on his body that is manifesting as emotional and behavioral symptoms. Be warned that most doctors won’t do much for you.

Look for an integrative doctor, such as this one, in your area
— someone who will run unusual tests like comprehensive stool sample, IGG allergy testing, mucosal barrier testing, vitamin levels, heavy metal levels, full thyroid assessments (not just tsh), etc.

Good Luck. I’m looking for someone who can explain my daughter’s “fibromyalgia” flareups.

If you don’t push your doctors, you’ll keep getting more and more pills for “symptoms” and never figure out WHY it’s happening. He’s trying to ask for help and you are right to be concerned.

With 31/2 year olds the parents usually are the ones in need of psychological help more then the kid. This happens to most tuned in and empathetic parents to the most immature and unable to understand the growths and changes of young children. We have the tendency to confuse this with our own desires that interfere and the child protests in the most vehement of ways at times. They are growing little bombs of compacted energy and one moment all can seem OK and the next all hell breaks lose as you push the shopping cart with the riding kid in it and try to avoid the toy section because you know how hard it will be to get him out of there. Then as you push past the isle with the candy and ice cream but forgot and there you go, the chocolate cookies. By the time you have managed to drag the kid out of the store, now you have to get him in the car. Most people just don’t really know what they are in for when they have kids. It is more like trying to wrestle with a 25 pound live fish and by the time you get home all you want to do is die on the couch. Welcome to parenthood. By the way, what 3 1/2 year old doesn’t have the ear splitting loud scream that leaves you with that ringing sound? Oh yeah, the uncontrollable histeria! That can really be confusing and scary. Most of them pass and fade into history as an incident most of us never will figure out. Kids do have a way of getting under ones skin.

Get him treatment for his apnea. Also get him a therapist who can help him understand what’s going on with him.
Apnea deprives the brain of oxygen and disrupts sleep. Lack of sleep can cause psychosis.

take him to the doctor!!!!

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