RHH: Questions about your favorite album?

1. Favorite beat on it?

2. Best guest appearance on it?

3. Favorite verse on it?

4. Least favorite song on it?

5. Can you recall the first time listening to it?

6. Favorite song on it?

7. What is your favorite part about this album (emceeing, production, theme, etc.) and why?

Mobb Deep – The Infamous

1. The Start Of Your Ending (41st Side)
2. Nas on Eye For An Eye
3. Prodigy’s on Survival Of The Fittest
4. Cradle To The Grave…but I like every track on it
5. Jees, I must have been very young anyway…not even old enough to understand the lyrics fully
6. The Start Of Your Ending…..but I could pick 5 or 6 tracks that wouldn’t look out of place.
7. Everything really. Havoc’s production is unbelievable and Q-Tip had some great beats too. Prodigy was on fire lyrically. Havoc more than held his own….the guest verses were all dope. The streets themes of Queens were dope too…it’s kind of a personal album to me so it’s hard to pick one aspect. But if I had to choose one, it would have to be the production. It’s the first thing thats comes to my mind when I think of The Infamous…the GOAT album to play in the whip along with Hell On Earth.

CunninLynguists – A Piece of Strange

1. Way to tough of a question, all of them are great. If i had to choose it would be “Remember Me”

2. Tonedeff

3. I can’t choose

4. Don’t have a least favorite

5. Around a year ago or so ago, i was on Vacation when i first listened to it.

6. Again tough question, probably Hourglass

7. Everything about it, it was just put together so well from the concept to the rapping to the production.

I’m going to do Be by Common even though I can’t pick between it and Below the Heavens by Blu & Exile.

1. Be

2. John Legend on “They Say” with Kanye on “The Food” close behind

3. First verse on Love Is..

4. It’s Your World (Part 1 & 2)

5. Not really..

6. Very hard to pick but Love Is.. I guess.

7. The perfect features, topics, and producers.

I’ll do one of my favorite albums.

OutKast – Idlewild

1. PJ & Rooster

2. Scar on Morris Brown.

3. Probably the first verse on PJ & Rooster.

4. A Bad Note

5. Five years ago, the day it came out.

6. Either PJ & Rooster, Call The Law, or Morris Brown.

7. Production, this album made me want to learn how to play instruments.

1. ADHD and F!ck Your Ethnicity
2. Ab-Soul on Ab-Soul’s Outro
3. ADHD first virse and Hiipower 1st verse
4. I liked every song but the onIy one that I like the least is probably Chapter Six, but I never skip any tracks.
5. No
7. Emceeing & Theme, Kendrick Lamar is a beast and its a great theme about the 80’s babies.

Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool:

1. Superstar

2. Snoop Dogg on Hi-Definition

3. First verse on Dumb it Down

4. I honestly like every song on it

5. It was around 2 years ago and I remember just thinking it was pretty amazing

6. Hip-Hop Saved My Life

7. Lupe’s lyricism and the concept

1. Reality Check
2. J.U.I.C.E. on K.G.B.
3. OneBeLo’s on Reality Check
4. Doesn’t exist, that’s why it’s my favorite
5. Not really, it’s been a while and I’ve listened to it numerous times since
6. Honest Expression
7. Emceeing because the lyrics are phenomenal on this album, both Senim Silla and OneBeLo brought it on this album

Ready To Die
1 .Machine Gun Funk
2. Method Man
3. 1st verse on Gimme the Loop
3. Juicy
5. Yes, i was just board and started listen to it at home
6. Suicidal Thoughts
7. The lyricism, production, and the album’s concept from the Birth to his Death

I savour listening to stay & permit Die with the help of Kool G Rap & DJ Polo. this is taken under consideration one of My well-liked Mafiaso Albums. a million. well-liked beat on it? – ill highway Blues 2. terrific visitor visual allure on it? -Scarface, Ice cube 3. well-liked verse on it? -Kool G Rap’s third Verse on ill highway Blues 4. Least well-liked music on it? -on the Run 5. are you able to bear in mind the 1st time listening to it? -sure, some week in the past 6. well-liked music on it? -2 to the top 7. what’s your well-liked section approximately this album (emceeing, production, subject, and so on.) and why? each and every thing, yet I choose the extra aggressive-Ness of Kool G Rap in this Album. The production become Dope alongside with the visitor Appearances. i’m going to provide a 9.8/10.

Searching for jerry garcia – proof

1. High rollers
2.B real or method
3. probably last first on clap with me
4. I can honestly i don’t know
5. Boxing day of 05
6 Clap with me
7 It had everything happy tracks sad tracks meaningful lyricism superficial lyricism good production and big proof at his rawest

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