Since Mitt moved to the center today per the news shows, whatever that means, where will he move to tomorrow?

Now he says a fertilized egg is a human at conception. That’s hardly the middle, so he continues to play the Republican game. He says what the right wants to hear, then he says what the moderates wants to hear. Soon he’ll be saying what the Democrats want to hear.

If he’s elected President, he’ll…

The media ignored (did not analyze) something that shows another disturbing pattern for Romney, his claim that he “knew” the 42-year-old Navy SEAL killed at the Libyan consulate, 42-year-old Glen Doherty. Romney has been using this brief encounter (after the Romney’s crashed a neighborhood party without an invitation) to convince audiences on the campaign trail of his “humane” side, but the Doherty family and friends have publicly OBJECTED to the use of the Navy SEAL’s name or death by the Romney campaign. Here’s the grounds: In a taped interview, Doherty’s mother Barbara and his friend Elf Ellefsen were annoyed because they knew that Glen Doherty had not LIKED Romney at the encounter, claiming that Romney kept coming up to repeatedly introduce himself, forgetting that he had just done that a few minutes earlier. Now…think about this in terms of PATTERN for Romney.

I’ve long said Romney is a pathological liar, but what if there is an actual neurological flaw? Romney’s own wife Ann told a Reno radio station last week that her main worry if her husband should get himself elected is “his mental health.” Go to what Grover Norquist has told the GOP they need: someone who just signs what we send him. If Romney has some sort of neurological impairment (maybe alzheimers or memory disfunction as described by Glen Doherty), is this possibly why the GOP seems so RABID about having him in power? Many of Romney’s “advisors” are former CIA under the lawless Bush/Cheney theocratic-coup-allowing regime, and what better way to get themselves back into power than electing an incompetent nincompoop?

The sociopathic behaviors exhibited by Romney would also suggest some sort of neurological impairment: a 36-year-old BILLIONAIRE who opts to tie a full-grown nervous-breed Irish setter to the top of a family car for a grueling terrifying 12-hour highway-speed trip to Canada rather than just rent or buy an RV or problem-solve with a more humane solution; an 18-year-old near-graduation senior at Cranbrook whose intolerance was so intense he summoned “my posse” (five men, all now professionals in life who confessed their involvement) to hunt a junior (John Lauber) down, tackle him to the ground, then order his “posse” to “Hold him down!” while Romney (the “religious” soon-to-be missionary Romney) proceeded to chop of unsightly clumps of the young man’s dyed blond hair while ignoring Lauber’s tears and pleas for help! No social conscience at all—a sociopath.

“I don’t remember what I said but whatever I said I meant” (a Romney quote). This guy is incompetent, and not what this GOP-damaged nation needs if we are seeking to fully RECOVER from the always-fail GOP policies Romney has embraced as his own.

Except the willingness to “modify his 16 month plan for withdrawal,” he has now not changed. That is what he’s always been saying. You’ve been paying attention to the Republican propaganda that stated he was crazy left. He is been core left; about as a ways left as McCain was proper. They are each very middle. But you listened to them when they tried to pin far left ideas to Obama; and now that he’s pronouncing the center suggestions (which he has been saying all alongside), you say he switched and moved to middle. He was once always there, he by no means espoused the a long way left suggestions ordinarily attributed to him by using Republican propaganda sources. That is except the 16 month withdrawal proposal. That used to be it from the beginning and that i do agree he seems to be forsaking it. I’m rather surprised he did; it messes along with his snapshot of being “a new variety of baby-kisser.” I think he is looking to get those in the core, the ones who are not definite where they stand on the dilemma of the war. They want out, but they do not wish to go away and not using a victory–quite they’re going from side to side on the field. They need out NOW, but they do not need out with a loss. They don’t know which they want extra. I feel Obama is attempting to melt his stance in order that they may believe he’s going to pay awareness to all of the info and not make a drastic move although the conditions suggest he must do otherwise. Nonetheless, it does make him look more like the historical politicians than the brand new one he promised to be. He wants to watch out; as soon as in a whilst can also be forgiven however an excessive amount of and he’ll lose most of his present support and could no longer get any new aid.

First he was on the left, then mid when he ran for Governor and in 2008 for GOP nomination, then he moved far right to get the nomination this time around and now he’s moving left again. The man can’t decided where he stands on anything and people should be very worried about the prospects of such a person being President.

Personally, I think Romney moved to the center at the first debate. During the debate he denied everything he said on the campaign trail. He has no convictions, he is obsessed about getting into the White House. He changes his positions on the issues constantly. I have no idea as to where he really stands on anything and I’m not sure Romney even knows himself. How could he know? It’s all rather confusing and mind boggling.

Being in the center is how you win elections. If Romney wins, which currently seems unlikly but not nearly as unlikely as it seemed a few weeks ago ( bookies have him as a 2 to 1 underdog, while he was as bad as 5 to 1 a week ago) the tea party if going to find themselves terribly disappointed a year from now and lefties will find it is not as bad as they currently fear. Mitt is middle of the road and most of the stupid stuff was courting low-brow tea-baggers.

No idea. But there’s no question where Mitt will move the day after Election Day. The day after the election Mitt will retreat to all the positions he articulated in secret at his private campaign fundraisers. On that there should be no doubt whatsoever.

“If he’s elected President, he’ll still do whatever he wants.” – No, he’ll do whatever the party tells him to do. That’s why he got the backing of the establishment in the primaries.

You apparently don’t understand the difference between what he personally believes, and what his views on the government’s role in the situation should be.

and he didn’t cheat at the debate….that was cleanly debunked as a handkerchief, which he can be seen picking up from the lectern and wiping his nose with during the debate. Folded in the same size and shape and the item he is seen removing from his pocket and placing on the lectern before the start.

LOL! It doesn’t really matter, does it? Even if he moves to the left he will still be soooooo far to the right of that psychopath Obama, he’ll be falling off the table…!

what will the break-up with Obama feel like in 4 weeks?

Do you lose weight? Do you neglect yourself? Your house, your welfare check (how many hours do you all log on this site while hard working American families front your bills?). Do you drive your friends and family crazy talking about the break up? Do you cry at the drop of a food stamp? Can you even comprehend what your life might not again be like without that “special someone?”

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