So I’m a white guy only into latina women?

Anyone ever heard of this before? It’s unusual around here, just this part of the country I reside in, I mean. I don’t know about other parts of the country (US). I’m just into the mestizas and morenas (brown toned ones) not blacks or caucasian ones.

Latina women can be very beautiful. But, there is more to it than looks. You have to think about things like culture, education, likes and dislikes, etc. Most importantly you have to consider that if you marry a latina and have children, you are mixing with an inferior race and your children will suffer the consequences.

Your into us latinas well that’s a good thing because I know many latinas that think white guys are hot.

Anything else you want to share seeing as this really isn’t a question?

why would any guys be interested in a loud, dirty, uneducated, oversized donkey? latina should all be exterminated.

SPlCS have an inferior culture. Wonder why most SPlC countries are SHlTHOLES?

whatever you f**k is your business not everybody elses

Only ?

nothing wrong with that



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