What Do You Hate About Photography?

Many people love photography, but what do you hate about it, if anything?

I hate it when people think that buying an expensive DSLR and an editing program magically transforms them into a competent photographer when in reality they don’t know an f-stop from a doorstop.

I also hate it when people tell me I should dump my 35mm film gear and buy the latest wonder DSLR. I’m not a pro. I’m not a prolific shooter. I enjoy my film cameras.

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I am in my seventies and time is going by so quickly I haven’t time to do all the photography I want to do. I can’t bend down as I used to and when I do get down there to photograph that bug I can’t get up again. I need a powerful diopter to see thru the viewfinder and a caddy to carry my heavy dslr plus this big tripod. (That’s my wife). If I sit at my computer too long my back hurts and if I stand up I can’t see the screen.
Hey this is not the poor me’s. I love photography in spite of the challenges and aches & pains. I am living in the most wonderful era of creativity in history and if Beethoven could compose his last symphony while blind I can still create good photos and I’m going to do it till I die

As of right now, the hype.

Everyone is getting into photography … just to have the pride in them self for the title. They say they love photography when they don’t even know what mega pixels are or they don’t even know the difference between a SLR or a compact digital camera.

Not so much photography as the so-called photographers.

I hate, hate, hate when I’m at a shoot and people come up and start talking about how great my camera is and they have such and such camera with so and so lenses and how great a photographer they must be.

These days, a piece of me dies every time I hear someone say “nice camera.” Technology means nothing, nice cameras are nothing. Composition, technique, vision, this is everything. Get over the technology and get into the technique.

Lighting is probably my worst enemy.
Outside, it’s no problem, but indoors and at nighttime…
And of course, flash has nothing on daylight.

Edit: Oh yes, and like dot_ridr said, the cost! There’s ALWAYS something you could use, and it’s never cheap. Haha.

But yes, photography is wonderful, I’d like nothing better as a career.

The cost of digital photography, you need:
A camera
A computer
Memory Cards

The fact that if your computer crashes you lose all of your pictures.

The fact that everyone thinks they are a photographer when they know nothing about photography.

I don’t mind the weight of the gear, not even the costs. What really grinds my gears is the people who think that they’re hot stuff because they know how to edit the crap out of their pictures, and the people who think that you cannot take a good shot in camera (My god, these people seem to ignore the film era…), and especially the people who think it’s just point and shoot…

Oh, a minor irritation of modern SLR cameras to me is the APS-C standard sensors, BUT, I’m sure that’ll change in a few years 😛

the only thing i hate about it is how expensive it is to keep up with equipment. but thats a small detail. other than that, photography is my life. i love it. <3

* How some people think that is takes absolutely no work to take a good photo. They think that it’s all point and click and even an idiot could produce the same high quality work. So it’s a bit underappreciated.

* Expensive.

* How all the good moments happen when I don’t have my camera with me. And you take the perfect shot only to have it come out blurry or too dark. 😛

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