Why do theists claim Atheism is a religion, when it’s a personal relationship with reality.?

You can have a personal relationship with it too, you just have to grow out of the fairy tales.

Atheism isn’t a faith, yet some atheists will make it look as though it may be by using fact they’re militant or closed minded. on the flipside, there’s no longer something incorrect with a healthful non secular or non secular prepare. i does no longer be indignant if somebody suggested it replaced right into a faith. there are lots of others different than for those interior the abrahamic class.

I am a bisexual Christian can I have a personal relationship with fairy tales and reality?

Because the worship Almighty Science.

For them science isn’t just one amongst many human activities, it is the one which gets elevated into being the very meaning of existence. It is Omniscient and Omnipotent.

The new atheists are post modernists about everything except science.

A lot of theists have trouble understanding the concept of different world-views, so they conclude it must be a religion. It’s a sure sign of ignorance.

To be fair, not all theists say this.

Please note by just stating your thoughts does not make it a reality.
When you generalize like you did, it means that you have been misinformed by your close circle of friends. I assume that you base your “reasoning” on the facts founded by the great grandchildren of monkeys?

Reality touched me in a very bad place.

Well done sir.

I lol’ed.

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