Why does Obama get blamed for fires or political issues from 15 years ago. Why everything is his fault?

When a breaking story hit the web, I might read the article and sometimes look at the blogs, why does everything seem to be Obama fault, I mean some of this stuff has nothing to do with politics but in the blog some angry person will blame him and others just follow and it end up being a political bashing party. …

It’s not right but it happens to every president. For example, Obama is blamed for the high unemployment even though it started under Bush. Bush is blamed for the housing bubble even though it started under Clinton. Obama or Bush (depending on which party you prefer) is blamed for lack of regulation that actually started under Carter.

This goes on and on. People blame whomever is in charge now even though most of this stuff started before they were even running for POTUS. There are things that each president is responsible for. Bush is directly responsible for the war in Iraq. Obama is directly responsible for the tepid response to the oil spewing into the Gulf. Americans don’t really care to look at reality though. We just want to lay blame and move on to the next problem so we can lay blame again.

Please listen carefully – Obama, Bush 1 & 2, Clinton – all the way back to Woodrow Wilson – all pawns of the global elite whose policies and agenda have drastically changed America and are at the root of all the problems we have today. They are puppets who take orders (and blame), but until people realize that 99.9% of politicians are bought and paid for political whores, nothing will change. Find out who is behind the politician and do something about them! starting with exposing them and their agenda.

Because the same thing happened to President George W. Bush but only worse.

Why do you cling to a belief that you KNOW you cannot support with a fact?
You cannot cite anything Obama has been blamed for that Obama did not personally demand and you KNOW that.

I think most of that kind of talk is due to frustration. When you see things happening to your country that you think is going to destroy it, you tend to lash out at those in charge. The Dem’s did it to Bush and the Reps are doing it to Obama.

In 2008 Obama asked for the activity as president of the united states. He claimed to have all the solutions to each subject. He stated he could scale decrease back the debt by using 0.5 yet instead has larger it by using greater advantageous than that. He claimed he grew to become into going to get anybody decrease back to artwork. All of our skill issues have been going to be solved. those claims are why he grew to become into elected. so a procedures no longer something. once you’re CEO its on you. in basic terms like Harry Truman stated “in case you may no longer stand the warmth do no longer take a seat interior the kitchen.” it incredibly is the place it gets warm. Truman additionally stated by using way of an illustration on his table “The dollar stops right here.” In different words i do no longer bypass the dollar. that’s the 1st president we’ve considered to anticipate the reins and then blame his predecessor because of the fact he could no longer do the activity.

….sweetie, it was W. Bush’s fault before this for 8 years.

Better yet, why does 0bama blame all the world’s woes on America?

I thought they was blaming Bush for everything …go figure …

Poor 0bama (eyes roll)

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