Why is “dance” music considered gay music in America?

Anything from (House,Techno,Trance,Electro,Happy Hardcore) is all considered to be homosexual music by most of my friends is this a common stereotype, If so why is it?

I was first introduced to current Electronic music when I was 14 my girlfriend was from the UK and when she moved she brought a whole bunch of…

Dance music in America isn’t really considered ‘gay’ music, if you will. It is actually considered rave music, and things of that sort. The thing is, if i may say so, that ‘gays’ are more prone to dance to rave music in clubs, and stuff like that. So therefore, people associate rave/techno/dance music with ‘gays’. But hey, I like techno lol and I’m not gay ^_^ DANCE YOUR HEART OUT!! =^-^=

House Music Gay

To be stereotypical: Ingrid Michaelson Amy Winehouse Superchick Britney Spears Tegan and Sara Feist Katy Perry Lights Madonna Tokio Hotel Pussycat Dolls P!nk Jason Mraz Beyonce Lady Gaga Serena Ryder (whoever that is) Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head

Because in America there is no independent identity for a straight dancing male and there hasn’t been since the late 70’s when disco died. In other words, no one knows what a straight man dancing is supposed to look like but everyone knows that house, techno etc is THE music of choice for gay clubs. Gay men took the disco stereotype from the movie Saturday night fever (or straight men took it from gays depending on who you ask). So it’s become common to assume that a man dancing is gay because we don’t have straight dancers, except in Latin clubs. There is also a big cultural backlash against men who try to look sexy (for the most part they do it really badly) and so look gay-ish. That is the real issue. American men not getting what is sexy to a woman and coming across gay and women encouraging it because it’s funny to make them look foolish.

Some electro music’s nice.As with the techno stuff,well,it’s usually that gays listen to that.So,that’s why they’re so against it.

who cares. if u like to dance, dance! dont mind what others think of you, just be yourself. i know my family doesnt like my taste in music, nor do some of my friends, but i still dance whenever i wanna. just be yourself =]

i agree with lela… who cares? if u want to dance, dance. i do anyway!

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