Why is it that when ever a white girl dates a black guy the rest of the white guys dont want her back ?

I start seeing this a lot at my school There was this beautiful blonde girl but she dated 3 black guys and then she wanted to date white guy but he rejected her she went to ask a hispanic guy who was my friend and many other guys they all rejected her and she is not the only one there are many girls that have been…

Mixing with n3groes is unacceptable in every non-african country in the world. It’s innate. Blacks like to say once you go black you don’t go back. The truth is you’re not welcome back and it’s a disgrace to your family.

Judging by the attitude of your classmates and the opinions expressed here in the comments, it is very clear: it stems from the days of segregation. After slavery ended, Jim Crow laws were set up from the1880’s to the1960’s that kept everything divided: whites and blacks could not even drink from the same water fountain, go to the same schools, or share hospitals. Very sadly, its seems that people still have this prejudiced view that blacks somehow “dirty” a person. Its so bad that the famous black actress Dorothy Dandridge once used a pool at a Las Vegas casino/hotel. They actually drained the entire pool and scrubbed it after she left.

Mike O made the statement that mixing with blacks is looked down upon in every non-African country in the world. He has probably never even traveled outside the US, or he would never make such an ignorant statement. Interracial couples are much more accepted in the UK and Europe, because they did not have such segregation.

The question would be: what is better, if the girl slept with 20 white guys or her having a black boyfriend??

It sounds like you attend a school in the south or an inner city school. Not that prejudice doesn’t happen elsewhere, but it is less prevalent. Some people are just jerks and there is nothing you can do about that.

By the way, see a dermatologist about your acne. I did and it cleared up completely. It wasn’t a complicated, multi-step regimen that I had to do every morning, just a simple medication that I put on my face every morning and evening. Cleared up in a week and hasn’t come back even though I no longer use the medication.

hey its just that way I have also heard the same things to I heard this today I was walking with a couple of guys in my class and an interracial couple which was a black guy and a white girl went by and when they finally went by one said that if that girl wanted to date him he wouldn’t because it was damaged goods and all the guys agreed and trust me that girl was fine as hell but hey who cares everyone has a right to their opinion and dude don’t be so hard on yourself hey ma bey the girls might now give you a chance plus go to the doctor for that acne trust me it works I was hideous in high school

Ha!! I am a white girl, my boyfriend is black. All the guys I’ve dated for the past 5 years have been black. I don’t really care if white guys want me back ‘cuz I have no desire to go back that way. Oh, and by the way, a lot of my white girlfriends have been dating my boyfriends black friends, so you white guys better get over yourselves!!

You REALLY don’t know the answer to this question? But what’s really funny is that these same white men wouldnt care if she dated a hispanic, asian….ANYTHING else…but don’t let it be a brotha.

Some people admire loyalty and love there own. What is wrong with that?

I don’t care if black folks feel that way or anybody else..so why would this be so wrong for whites?

I am not anti-white but let’s face it-White men get jealous too! I’ve heard more comments about black men and everything about white guys than anyone else. I’m not saying they’re gay or anything but when you talk about how another guy’s penis looks you have an obsession.

Prejudice is kind of a natural human instinct. I guess this white guy just couldn’t stand one of his own race being romantically interested one of another race. If someone loves another, race shouldn’t matter! I just can’t believe it took humanity tens of thousands of years to realize it!

I heard somewhere that blacks and whites aren’t social equals. Don’t judge me, please! I simply heard it somewhere… that’s all.

maybe she was a btch. i live in the south and all the white girls who date black men are btches, and i never see a good white woman with a black man.

I have seen that happen a lot especially to all my white girl friends I feel for them. Hey please get some help for your face I never had acne that is nasty

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