Why still play the “race card”?

Shouldn’t we be equal regardless of color? So why are there so many members of minority races that still play the race card? Last time I checked equality was NOT superiority of any race, including those of the minority. How is someone getting certain benefits because of something very backwards people did 50…

Because liberals buy into that garbage. I don’t.

Look at that idiot liberal Joy Behar…wondering if “black Friday” is racist…

The claim is that its an attempt by the UN to end global poverty through migration and development. Black and what we consider as minority countries are usually the ones living in poverty. This wasn’t always the case. Parts of Africa, such as Ethiopia once had very advanced civilizations. In fact they made slaves of other Africans clear back in 800 bc and continued the practice until 1938. They are the ones who started the Atlantic slave trade selling their slaves to people from other nations which was largely stopped in 1820.

Egyptians, Mayans in Mexico, and what are now the Iranians, and probably more, all had very advanced civilizations and all aggressor nations made slaves of those they conquered to include whites enslaving other whites. It was the culture of the world until the 19th century globally and was used in WW II as well as Germans used Russians and Jews as slaves. It is a global effort. Not just here. All I see in Western nations over the past 20 years is growing poverty and de-development.

Now multiculturalism is supposed to spread ideas and make the world a better place. Not sure for who yet. It will likely elevate some and bring others down.

No, yet they could play the reality” card. i’m a white immediately male (Or a minimum of I say i’m) if i become to attack someone (different then white/immediately) and yell slurs even as I did, i’d be charged with a “Hate Crime” yet when i become attacked by technique of each person different then white and they yelled slurs…that that they had be charged with “attack” If I whinge about human beings coming to the u . s . a . illegally, i’m a “Racist”. If I disagree with gay (something) i’m a “Homophobe” If I disagree with affirmative action, i’m a “Bigot” there’s a “go away out Black u . s . a . of america” there is the NAACP, there over 20 “Black really” colleges interior the u . s . a .. imagine identity they were white…nicely, by technique of gosh we’;d be referred to as “RACISTS!!!” notwithstanding it really is fantastic for them to do this and yet, no human being says something (in the experience that they do..God help them!) So, you spot it really is okay to play a “Race Card” yet make sensible you aren’t any more a white, immediately male” or you’d be vilified for doing such.

Because it’s a convenient excuse why blacks are not succeeding.

After 1962 the blacks got preferential treatment in housing, education, employment, you name it. If a black person didn’t get what he wanted then it was racism and he was on the phone with the civil rights groups.

When I grew up, I watched as black students were bussed in from outside my school district. Three years later we had our very first school riot in 45 years.

The government used HUD money to build very nice apartment buildings…then gave preferential treatment to blacks to rent them (at hugely subsidized rates). After just a few years the place was a dump. I worked for the phone company at the time…..went inside many of them to find the rooms trashed. One in particular really got me…..the guy was hot for the woman in the next door apartment, so they busted a hole in the wall to use as a connecting door.

I had to fight for a promotion to a craft job….I had to compete against a black clerk with poor attendance and performance ratings…….but he had one week seniority over me and they needed a black in that department to meet EEO requirements.

My point? Given all of these breaks…after a whole generation of kids were educated and introduced into the workplace with preferential treatment…why are they still all unemployed and poor? Only one answer…..racism!

Little late for that. Democrats, including members of the media, have claimed for years the only reason anyone would disagree with Obama, or his policies, is they are racist. I have never known or heard of anyone everyone agrees with 100% of the time.

But you can be guaranteed the first time any Obama supporter says anything, disproving or disagreeing with him, those remarks will be brought out, and they will be labeled racist according to Democrats own assessments. Unintended consequences can be so cruel.when they come back to bite you

I told my lawyer he can play the race card
But finding out my race might be a little hard
Anything to keep me off of the prison yard
I’ll beat it. I’ll beat it.

Discrimination is equality.
Colorblindness is racism.
Merit is aristocracy.

Your equal party just tried to throw out legal”Minority” voters, to throw an election..
750,000 votes in Pennsylvania alone..Who the uckf you kidding..clown idiot..fake.
You’re repeating what some other idiot came up with..

When a minority is oppressed for centuries, they don’t enter the mainstream culture and economy overnight, as soon as the oppression stops.

People occasionally rise out of poverty, but most of the time, the children of the poor end up in poverty themselves. It’s a vicious cycle that’s impossible to break by simply ignoring it and pretending it doesn’t exist because everybody is equal on paper now.

Because its a powerful card, remember only white people can be racist.

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