Your opinion on giving your children two middle names?

I’m just wondering what your opinion is on giving children two middle names. Parents, do your children have one or two middle names?

Just wondering, thanks x

i am giving my daughter only one middle name but 2 middle names are fine =]


I plan to give any future daughter(s) of mine two middle names hyphened together. I would give any future son(s) of mine two middle names as well, but I have such love for the boy names I have at the moment and they include only one middle name.

I have two middle names, and I’m far from traumatized or hateful towards my parents for it. It’s a choice of taste, style and overall judgment on what you perceive as “nice” and “acceptable”. If you like the idea of two middle names, you shouldn’t let anyone but you and your S.O pass any influential say on what should be what (name wise that is).

Good luck.

I live in the Philippines, so usually the children’s middle name is the mothers maiden name and also another name if they want to. I think I will go with two middle names because one will be my maiden name and the other will be (if I have a boy) in honor of my grandfather.

I have two middle names and am very grateful that I do. It was a way to incorporate a name from both sides of the family into my name and i am glad they are both there. I also see it as unique.

I have one middle name along with all 4 of my siblings. I think it’s fine but it’s easier and faster to just have one middle name. But if you have 2 that you really like and can’t decide between and it goes well together then I guess it’s fine.

I would never do it, but if others wanna do it, then i say go for it, cuz i would never tell anyone not to use 2 middle names, just cuz i wouldn’t, cuz that’s not right, they should be able to do it if they wanna.

My son only has one middle name, and my twins are gonna only have one middle name as well.


I love it in my names are Mia Loren Phylllis and Hunter Charles Dean so ya 2 middle names is cute I think and that way they can chose which one they like better and its pretty and not everyone has it which is cool.

I find it excessive. I think one middle name is plenty. I don’t even have a middle name, which is kind of lame, but I don’t mind because I was born in the 80’s and probably would have been Leah Ann, Marie, or Lynn. yuck

In our family it is traditional to give one middle name, so that’s what we’ve done. My mother in law likes to give two middle names for the girls, so that’s what she did. I think whatever works for your family is fine. 🙂

I think it’s nice

Our son’s name is Hayden Elijah Rayne and our last name starts with an O so his initials are HERO 🙂

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