After watching the big show as Republicans defend tax subsidies for oil companies, do you agree that if we?

Don’t stop these republicans that we are all toast?

The average lunch bucket republican does not understand what is happening to him but the big boys do.

Will we have to fight these people in the streets?

Are we willing to just roll over like scared dogs or take this fight to a more serious…

I think Mary Laudrieu is why you’re so angry.

They haven’t had an original idea in 30 years. And that’s only if you consider mugging the middle class, an original idea. They have no vision for America, except to see their corporate friends get richer.

Republicans are financial terrorists. I think democrats have been shooting themselves in the foot by not making deficits part of their message. Republicans don’t have to do anything abot deficits they just talk about them, then explode them.

12 yrs of dems running both houses hasn’t worked out very well up until now–has it?

Best look in your own party for all the mental midgets who f–ked us over-ran our debt to mars and back–DEMOCRATS!

the “average lunch bucket” Liberal is Oblivious to whats happening to this Country,
The Republicans are trying to fix the things that are Broken in this Country, its the Democrats who are standing in the way

Yes, to impose the poverty and oppression of socialism on the American people you will certainly have to fight the rest of us.

Oil companies don’t receive any “tax subsidies”.

Meet me in the trap its going down
Meet me in the mall its going down
Meet me in the club its going down
Any where ya meet me guaranteed to go down

If u got a problem, say it to my face
We could knuckle up, any time, any place

Only if we cut subsidies to the envirohippie companies.

yes agreed

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