Baby Name Its a girl but the mom wants a boy name?

She has two son,and she wants a name to go along with her sons Jared and jacob

Hmm…tricky one…

Maybe she would like:
Josephine: she could call her Josey or Jo for short.

Jaden: this is a unisex name

Jalen : also used for a boy and girl

Jaclyn: Jac is a cute nickname for a little girl

Jamie: I know boys and girls named Jamie

Julian: Male name but kind of feminine…similiar to julia

Jay: My sister and my dad both have the middle name Jay

OH, how about Jesse?
Jared, Jacob, and Jesse is very cute.

Hope this helps! SD

I once met a girl named Jeremy. Her parents loved the name and decided if the baby was born a boy or girl that would be the name. It actually fit her. She had long blonde hair. Jared, Jacob, and Jeremy go together.


I think Jamie and Jordyn are both cute names for a girl!

I also like:

Also, in my opinion if she has a male or unisex first name, I think she should have a girly middle name.. for example: Jaden Marie, or Jaden Faith or something would sound great!! Good Luck!

I am not sure of what you are saying. Are you talking about the grandma or about the mother of the baby.
Here is an idea

Jammie Rose
Jorden Rayne
Jorden Layne
Jade Brianna
Joy Raye
Joyce Hope


That might go well…
Jared, Jacob, Jessica?

Call her Jessy for short?

It is a little odd of her but what can you do….

At least she isn’t nameing her Apple or Shaniquia…

Rowan Grace, Charlotte Nicole, and Ava wish are all gorgeous! a million) Jacob Thomas 2) Lillianna Gweneveier Luke Hershel 3) Oliver Dylan 4) Gregory Lawrence 5) Corie Francisco (San Francisco get it?) 6) To l. a.!!! 7) Luz Maria is a Chihuahua! 8) Stefani Angelina (for woman gaga) Vendetta Charlotte Jordan Will 9) Logan John Sarah & Carter Jake Lilly Luke Olive Greg Corie Stef Ven Dani Logan & Luzzi

Jaylin or Jaylyn, Jamie, Jenna,
I agree with Kayciexhardcore too I love the name Erin lol it’s mi name in case u havent figured tht out

Jenna, Josie, Jordyn or Jamie

they are boy boy names meaning youthful but they don’t sound to far from a girls name

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