CALING ALL COMPUTER EXPERTS ! deleting browsing history..?

On mozilla firefox, if i clear data, and i mean all the boxes like cookies, browsing history…is it still gunna be there, on my computer…in some file or something ?

and i know that everything is ever completely deleted…but can someone who knows quite a bit about computers, but not ALOT, find the…

The information should be gone once you’ve deleted it. There is a chance that somebody might try to undelete it though. If you’re worried about that you could always download crapcleaner which will delete your cookies and download history and rewrite it with random 1’s and 0’s making the file difficult to recover by anyone other then a police computer analyst.

No, your history will always be there. Whenever you visit an address, it gives the location of your computer to the website. So technically, your browsing history is always recorded.
No, no one will find out if you deleted it or not.

once you clear the data (delete history), most ppl will not be able to see where you’ve been. there may be other traces of files left by websites like mpg, jpg or wmv files

I can tell by simply looking in the Macromedia folder.

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