Child Custody and Relocation?

This is a little complicated so bare with me.

My daughter was born in November 2005 while I was in the military and deployed. My ex-wife filed for divorce after becoming engaged to someone else (while I was deployed) and this divorce was finalized in June 2006. In that court order we were granted joint custody…

Tell the judge just what you wrote here, um the third to the last paragraph that is. Michigan is a great place to raise a kid and there are some really good educational opportunities there, plus you’ll have the support of an extended family. Good luck on your move and new job.

This is so complicated and I feel for you. My husband just won custody of his son (my step son) and it was a very long and drawn out battle. Clearly, his exwife was doing horrible things, but she was not doing drugs, and prostituting, which is almost what they have to be doing to get a kid taken away. Sad, but justice is not always served. But, we showed SOLID documented evidence she could not deny.
My best short and quick advice is to take your daughter to a child psychologist, get them to evaluate her. They will ask her the questions, they will get her responses, THEY will know how to get whats really going on out of her. And, it will be documented by a third NON BIASED party. Your lawyer, then can subpoena that psychologist to speak in court. Be prepared though, it can backfire on you if you haven’t been doing things right either, which I doubt is the case from your story above.
There can be so many components involved to get your daughter, its insane. My husband went crazy with all of the work he did, but it paid off. We have OUR son and he is thriving under our care. Make sure you always dot your i’s and cross your t’s. If you have to have a certain legal document, make sure it is done precisely how its supposed to be, and make sure everything you plan to use against your ex is in their hands at least 7 days in advance. We had so much good stuff that the judge could not see because we a.) filled out the forms wrong, or b.) got it to the other side ONE DAY LATE! Nonetheless we had enough discriminating evidence that is still won the judges vote. Good luck!

Wow … lol I did read all of it though……. Don’t you have a lawyer to take the worry off of you?

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