How could Iran become a major European energy supplier and not loose Russia’s support?

Russia‚Äôs war with Georgia reshuffled the geopolitical deck in the Caspian Basin. a bargaining chip for Iran to stop it’s nuclear enrichment program for getting the chance to fill the energy void while Georgia remains a risky bet for energy export,
In 2003, before the United States became bogged down in Iraq,…

All fine and good except for one major problem. The Zionists in Israel, and the Zionists in Nort America and Britain want to bomb Iran. They want this despite any official negotiations that may be going on. They see Iran as a major stumbling block to their ambitions – to establish the state of Greater Israel stretching from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. Only then (they believe) will it be possible to rebuild the mythical Temple of Solomon on Temple Mount in Jerusalem (where the Dome of The Rock mosque now stands). Only then (they believe), will the Jewish messiah come, and then the Rapture can take place.

I am no expert on foreign relations, so I can only give my views. I think Russia has some kind of proprietary feeling about its former provinces and the fact that the U.S. has backed a Democratic government in Georgia hasn’t sat too well. On the other hand, I think the Georgian President was stupid for ordering troops into Ossetia and risking Russian intervention.

There’s been a lot of saber rattling and threats, but with the U.S., the threats are empty. We simply don’t have the money or troops to take on another war of any kind. Putin has not struck me as being aggressive to the rest of the world, but his eye is on the former Soviet nations. However, he has shown some respect for NATO members and I don’t think he will make any aggressive moves right now.

The biggest concern at the moment is that missile system in Poland, which could lead to problems there. We have to remember that, even though the missile might protect Israel, it can’t be a comfortable situation for Russia, either.

While relations with Iran are important for Russia, so are relations with Europe. In an article in the NYT, I see that European sympathies are with Iran, and that nation isn’t seen as a vital threat to the world, despite its leader’s loud mouth. I think the U.S.A. should have some diplomatic talks with Iran…and Russia…and this situation can be solved.

There is no doubt but that the stubborn, non-Diplomatic, aggressive stance of the Bush Administration has damaged our country, and it is time we reclaimed our place on the world’s stage. Using diplomacy and our status with the UN, we could do a lot toward solving problems concerning our own country and other nations, as well!

Regardless who is president, as long as AIPAC has the influence it holds today in respect to politics and the politicians an agreement will not occur between U.S and Iran. In terms of Russia stands by Iran and from what I have seen on the worldwide news and Russian translated tv, Russia supports Iran and to at least, it seems like they would “throw down” for Iran.
Edit; it is nice to get a “real question” once in a while, good question.

Russia and Iran seem to get along. More importantly, Iran has vast quantities of untapped natural gas. Russia has the worlds largest natural gas reserves. It has become quite adept at extracting natural gas, and its companies are more than willing to help Iran, and sell it the equipment, to access their resources.

Iran has also agreed to build a gas pipeline to Pakistan. Both countries signed an agreement on Sept 24th.…

Iran wants direct diplomatic recognition from the US. Something it has not had since the US-backed Shah of Iran ruled the country.

Until they get it, there will be no negotiations. And Russia will continue to benefit from this rift.

i imagine really China, which controls North Korea. Russia and Iran could stay out because they don’t get alongside with the chinese language. The warfare could be between China and the u . s . a . on account that China already fought in Korea antagonistic to the u . s . a . in the course of the Korean warfare. North Korea is doing what China needs them to do.

Because both countries have more in common in terms of foreign policy and production of heating fuels. The USA has not been particularly friendly to either country so they both are forced to ally with each other. The principle that the enemy of my enemy seems to apply in this instance. Add Venezuela and most of America too. The US is getting what it deserves because of Bush’s stupid imperialistic politics.

Since the US and Poland have signed an agreement to set up missile bases in Poland, I think its just a matter of time before Russia sets up missile bases in Iran as well as Venezuela. Its all pretty simple, you set up missile bases in my backyard, I will set mine in yours.

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