How does scam dirty used car dealer fool the buyers?

One thing we all know is the dirty used car dealer do fool the buyers, not all but just few. Question is how they hide the problem and what they do to make it so cannot been see while test and drive?

One example that some guy who repair my car told me, like if airbag light was on, they don’t repair the…

It is hard to hide those faults. Take someone along who knows a lot about cars. They valet the cars so well and spray them with ‘new car’ scent. That is the best way they fool people. It is amazing what you can do with a can of paint, polish and cheap illegal labor.

Even using your given examples: “One occasion that some guy who restoration my automobile instructed me, like if airbag gentle grow to be on, they do no longer restoration the airbag, they only placed a black tape on ideal of sunshine on sprint to cover the crimson gentle. So shopper won’t be responsive to that airbag isn’t paintings. 2nd occasion is muffler that has long gone undesirable, they only use a steel belt to cover the muffler hollow so shopper won’t be able to hear them.” ————- a million. you would be an entire fool to no longer be responsive to appropriate to the indicator attempt. you be responsive to, once you turn the foremost and all of the lighting fixtures come on….in case you don’t be responsive to what could be lighting fixtures up, in keeping with risk determining to purchase vehicles on your individual isn’t your area of interest in existence. 2. won’t be able to lean decrease than a automobile and discover that stuff? See my remark on your first concern. Even that concern appropriate to the undesirable transmission…in case you won’t be able to tell that a transmission has basically shifted as quickly as and the engine sounds undesirable noisy and severe-revving on the line, this only would possibly no longer be your interest. There you have it. you’re no longer decrease out for determining to purchase vehicles on your individual and that i only buried the blame interest that n appeared to show out which you have been attempting to toss out. no longer something incorrect with that in keeping with se, with the aid of fact we get bajillions of people who purchase junk and we quickly discover that they have got not have been given any concept what they’re doing, the two. issue is…you won’t be able to easily return vehicles as though they seem to be a kit of undies going returned to Wal mart.

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