I am in love with a girl,deeply in love.she is 17 and i am 19..is it gud for us to marry now?

We bth r in deep love…..and she is willin to stay with me..but i feel our ageis not sufficient….pls say me an opinion…

I believ that you are in love, but thats not the favtor here, its age. Everyone told me that in your early 20’s you change a lot. ideals, beliefs, goals… everything. Now i know thats true…

I met my first love when i was 16 we were together and madly in love until I was 19. We talked about marraige, we got engaged, we were perfect. Then my bf at the time turned 19 and all of a sudden, influences from the real world changed what he wanted, jobs, cars, family, living and of course…ME. He decided there had to me more out there before he got married, more he wanted to experience, and learn. He left me standing alone in my driveway. we lost our innocence to each other, had a lot of firsts, and first loves, it wasnt enough to hold us.

Point of the story is just wait. No one said you will have the same outcome, but be safe rather than sorry and put her first. If you are truly in love, what is the rush? She can wait and so can you ifs its real. once your married, getting out is much harder than getting in. Enjoy each itehr a few more years, and build a foundation with work and money to get a nice place together and have a pretty wedding, trust me, she probably wants a nice wedding.

Be logical, think about it and good luck

if u really love her than u shud understand that at 17 she is neither ready for marriage physically nor emotionally. None of u is mature enough to understand wat u actually want. And doing sumthing in a hurry may regret u later on in ur life. firstly, at this age u might not be well settled. Atleast u should earn enough so as to give her all the happiness she deserves.

I would say if u really love her than u shud concentrate on your career and let her do the same. Only After achieving sumthng in ur career, u can look forward to marrying her. And this ll take atleast 3-4 yrs.
So, just enjoy each other as a gf/bf till u really come into the state of marriage.


ALL THE BEST N BYEEeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I got married around your ages and to tell you the truth….your goals will change and so will your feelings for each other….
You or she may feel that you’ve missed out on something….and blame the other….that’s where the resentment sets in….

If her parents give their consent then you can get married to her, but I would not recommend this from my own experience….

Right now your hormones are still raging and what you may think is love is actually the lust that young ones go through….

Once that calms down, then you can make better decisions…..but there are also those that have made it just fine….we are now divorced….

Good Luck

you can not legaly get married. She is not an adult yet. What is being in love to you? You need to spend time together, get to know one another and then decide if you want to spend the rest of ur lives together. Its TOO soon to get married when you are that young. Wait untill you are 25, date her until then and figure out what you want from this life, finish education so that you can support a family..

yall are way to young to think about marriage..how about graduating highschool first..yall should wait a couple more years and if yall are still together then go for it..by then yall are very mature and physically and emotionally stable. Teen marriages is usually failure waiting to happen because of the immaturity and not emotionally ready AFTER being married

No – U R both too young – wait – if your love lasts get married in a few years.

there’s a lot of negative response to this here. is it good for you guys to marry now? yeah, but it would be even better if you waited for both of you to mature a little and experience life a little before getting serious. marriage is a blessing, but it can be very difficult if you rush into it.


If you can’t even spell right, you’re obviously too young to get married. Try going to college and getting a life first.

Go and get married,
All materialist will say,you need money,you need education,you need what….if you are in love and ready to get your parents consent then get married.

No, it is not stable for the two considered one of you. may well be you additionally could make friendship together with her, yet no longer love/relathionship. in case you do, then she is cheating her husband, and you’re component of it.

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