Is being tolerant toward religion or moderately religious enabling religious extremists?

If you’re tolerant of religion or moderately religious, do you accept any responsibility for gays being stripped of their rights?

There is a distinct line between respecting another person or group’s right to their beliefs and allowing that person or group to infringe upon or disrespect another person’s freedoms. The word tolerance is something that the religious right likes to throw back in the faces of those who wish to keep church and state separate. The way they do this is akin to an abusive partner who calls the police on his wife for daring to defend herself, and gets her thrown in jail for “abuse.” It’s crazy-making behavior, these groups who scream that everybody has to not only tolerate their intolerance, but follow laws based upon that intolerance.

No, I disagree with that. I’m very tolerant of religion, and I find it even insulting if people are called “moderates”. That term already assumes the religion is evil, and it assumes that ‘moderate’ is not the standard position religions take.

This is, of course, not true. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc are all at the core very nice religions. People abuse the religion to hide their own bigotry behind. That has nothing to do with religion, but with education.

I’m a strong fighter for secular education. If any belief in whatever god is true, it doesn’t need to be mentioned in schools. Schools need to be about facts and understanding, communication and tolerance.

If we start there, we will also see a future where people can, again, truly enjoy their religion, because they became more tolerant.

That’s the Dawkins argument.

Dawkins also seems to suggest that morality is based on the majority opinion of society–essentially saying that an action can be considered moral at one point in time and at a different point in time be considered immoral. Within a relativistic framework then the majority in our culture (at least in California–which as a former resident shocks me) made a decisioin that is controversial–in ten more years that view will likely shift…Oh, well you probably didn’t want to go down this track.

I only accept responsibility for my own choices, my own vote(s), and so forth. I think intollerance toward religion is only another form of bigotry–but it seems to be more acceptable because it’s a form of bigotry against a majority opinion.

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No. That’s like saying that if I only eat junk food in moderation then I am personally helping other people get fat.
Tolerance does not mean you accept something as right for you. It means you understand that there are other people in this world. that not everyone has to believe the same thing or act the same way. tolerance does not create anything. Controlling personalities do.

Oh – I guess – if you want to blame my peacefulness for gays not being able to marry – you can go ahead and do that.

I choose to be tolerant – and accepting. If people want to believe that God is something different than what I believe It to be – or that It doesn’t exist at all – the most loving thing to do – is be tolerant and accepting.

There’s no need to be hateful toward them. Unless you KILL them all – so they can’t vote – it really does no good.

Go ahead and blame my peacefulness for prop 8 passing if you want – but I really don’t see it that way.

Golden rule and all of that. I choose to treat others they way I like to be treated. So – I do my best to be tolerant and accepting.


Newsflash: Not ALL religions are homophobic or intolerant.

In the U.S., of the four major Jewish movements, two make no distinctions between straight and gay. Both Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism perform religious same-sex weddings, and occasionally religious ‘divorce’, ordain gay clergy, etc.

The Conservative movement allows individual congregations to decide for themselves.

The Orthodox movement tends to keep to itself. They’re just not going to be big players in banning other people’s hopes, regardless of what they choose for themselves.

‘Religion’ didn’t do this. Specific groups did this, or asked their members to. Tarring all religions with that same brush is only going to cause more division.

The world is imperfect, and being intolerant toward religions merely adds to the flame. It’s ineffective. Also, it’s just not cool to be anal toward 85% of the population.

And, I take no responsibility for the actions of others.

Slippery slope argument.

Religious extremist are enabled because we vote some of them into public office.

And I’m all for equality of all sexual orientation, but if Prop 8’s passing really bothers someone, here’s a solution:

Don’t live in California. And don’t blame the Mormons if you’re not willing to also blame the Evangelicals, Catholics, Protestants, etc…

It wasn’t only extremist religion that stripped gays of their rights it was also blacks that voted for the latest bill, over 90% of them that voted yes on the bill to ban gay marriage, is what CNN reports.
Blacks do not agree with the gay lifestyle, and the new president although says he supports gays and could have done something to prevent the bill from being passed, did not and was more concerned with getting elected, allot of Blacks and others would not have voted for him had he intervened and he knows it, that’s why he didn’t. Basically Black people are more important than gay people to the new president it seems.
That is just my opinion , I welcome yours.

There are laws in place to protect the population from violent acts. Intolerance only leads to braking the law.

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