Kobe Bryant article?

So this is not a question or something. I just want to share this article to you guys..


What do you think? I could not agree more. If Kobe doesn’t win the MVP trophy this year. He can’t win it next year or 2 years from now….

wow i couldnt agree more either! its become pretty obvious that the league doesnt like kobe. and for those who disagree with my statement, reality is, kobe should’ve won mvp the past 2 seasons. AND, the whole deal with the ‘unnatural act’. come on now, just go on youtube and see how many people fling their arms and dont get a suspension like kobe did.
and you’re absolutely right, this might be kobe’s only chance to win mvp this year. why? next year they’re going to say that gasol was the reason why kobe got so good. and bynum was the reason why kobe improved his game.

stop the hate.
kobe for mvp

Kobe Bryant deserves the MVP award this year and for the past 2 years but the 125+ media who vote for MVP were biased and just hate Kobe!

are u kidding me??? kobe is mvp when his coach a six time nba champ… he’s got bynum in the 1st half of the season and pau gasol on the next… who got chris paul have? david west? tyson chandler? who are this guys in the start of the season? kobe is the best player in the world and having his best season as a team player but an mvp is a guy who makes teammtes better… nobody would have thought that the hornets will lead in a tight western conference but chris paul made it possible… chris paul is like steve nash that is younger and faster… and steve nash is been mvp based on what he is done 4 staudamire, barbosa etc same thing paul is doing 4 chandler, west, pargo etc

honestly kobe has deserved the mvp this year and the past 2 years.

Kobe Bryant deserves the MVP award . . its just the haters that bring him d0wn . . well infact they know in themselves that KOBE is the best player in the NBA today!! Kobe MVP . . lakers 2008 nba champs!!!!!


jealous haters. its what i meant when i said everyone was a CP3 fan now…they are just his fan because he is the closest to win with Kobe….how pathetic

Thats the best article i read in long time ..and it was very true .. !
V.oting on


I don’t understand why his partner in crime “Jemele ” wanna act like a b**ch saying how uncomfortable she will be. WTF. I guess she’s a voter too. What a b**ch.

KOBE will win this year. No Doubt.

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