Lebanon Category, would you believe …..?

That I am in serious danger of extinction in the wild……

I really need someone to save me …to give me a tree to live in ….protect me …cuddle me …?

awww **cuddles**

could u explain to me why you need someone to cuddle you etc when u have ur so called harem?
i knew it it was a fabricated story…
and hey wat about webby..im confused here
kk coz im a caring person ill kik my brother from his bed and ill take the bed apart and we can reconstruct it into the tree it once was and u can live there..as for food soz BYO and protection…ur old enough..ur on ur own and if u want to cuddle sommone so desperately u can cuddle my teddy bear..u r both furry so im sure u will get on like a house on fire..cheers..

Aww thats awful! I bought this stuffed thing (I’m pretty sure it was a Koala) I only bought it because it was from WWF and all profits went to the foundation, helping save australia’s species, land, forests & much much more

i could say my boss. i understand that this sounds basically somewhat weired. yet he had a extensive impact on me, especially on the 1st months in the business business enterprise. He gave me diverse artwork, my interest description became like 5 pages lol. I hated him lots, and that i became like what does he think of? i’m no ask your self lady. yet now i’m very grateful to him, cos he knew that I truthfully have diverse skill that I could desire to hold them out. thank you my boss 🙂

We have a lot of forests in Lebanon but you’d be in danger of getting on fire.

yes of course I believe that you’re rare … I don’t talk to people as old and “wise” as you everyday, (minus my bible teacher whom could threaten me with detention) I’m sorry I don’t have a tree to give you =(

cuddles are free, but ARE YOU furry enough =D

hehehe… funny…I’ll give you some eucalypt leaves…tough we do not have you around…

But seriously we need to protect the Koala bears….
The Australian Government currently lists the koala as a priority species for conservation status assessment. Government estimates of the national koala population numbers in the hundreds of thousands, although other studies have estimated as few as 80 000 koalas left in the wild.The Australian Koala Foundation estimates there are around 100,000 koalas left in the wild.

The koala was hunted almost to extinction in the early 20th century, largely for its fur. Millions of furs were traded to Europe and the United States, and the population has not fully recovered from such decimations. Extensive cullings occurred in Queensland in 1915, 1917, and again in 1919 when over one million koalas were killed with guns, poisons, and nooses.The public outcry over the cullings was most likely the first wide-scale environmental issue that rallied Australians.Despite the growing movement to protect native species, the poverty brought about by the drought of 1926–28 led to another 600,000 koalas being killed during a one-month open season in August 1927.

Today, habitat loss and the impacts of urbanisation (such as dog attacks and traffic accidents) are the leading threats to the survival of the koala. In recent years, some colonies have been hard hit by disease, especially chlamydia. The koala requires large areas of healthy, connected forest and will travel long distances along tree corridors in search of new territory and mates. The increasing human population of the coastal parts of the continent continues to cut these corridors by agricultural and residential development, forestry, and road-building, marooning koala colonies in decreasing areas of bush. The long term viability of the koala is therefore threatened by genetic weakness[citation needed]. The Australian Koala Foundation is the principal organisation dedicated to the conservation of the koala and its habitat, mapping 40,000 km2 (15,000 sq mi) of land for koala habitat and claiming strong evidence that wild koala populations are in serious decline throughout the species natural range.

Although the species covers a large area, only ‘pieces’ of koala habitat remain. Presently, many habitats are lost to weeds, clearance for agriculture, or carved up by developers. Other threats come from logging, poor management, attacks from feral and domestic animals, diseases, and roads.

As with most native Australian animals, the koala cannot legally be kept as a pet in Australia or anywhere else. The only people who are permitted to keep koalas are wildlife carers and, occasionally, research scientists. These individuals are issued with special permits to care for koalas, but have to return them to the wild when they are either well enough or,old enough.

Well, I’d save you, but winter is coming soon to Michigan, and i do need a warm, cuddly coat to keep me warm and cozy…

awwwww =l
id always wanted to cuddle a koala!!

i would love to cuddle you! x3

do you bite? x

Aww 🙁
I’ll go find you some bamboo and eucalyptus leaves, then I’ll find a buddy for you and you two can hide somewhere 🙂

Ohhh Aussie 🙁

That’s very sad, here take this bamboo.

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