Minor Cramping – 6 weeks pregnant?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have no bleeding but do have minor cramping almost everyday,has anyone else experienced this so early? If so, how long should I expect it to last? This is my 1st pregnancy so I am trying to be very aware of eveything going on with my body. I also noticed I get extremly hot at night and…

The heat thing – absolutely I understand that, and sorry, but get used to it – your body temperature rises during pregnancy and stays higher (only a few degrees but noticeable). Just one of those things really, not anything to be concerned about.

As far as the cramping goes, minor cramping is perfectly normal – it is your uterus stretching slowly in preparation for the baby growing inside it. If you have any bleeding as well as cramping, head to the doctor immediately, but just a little minor cramping is perfectly normal and ok 🙂

Congratulations future Mommy!!!


Hi,,, im 9 weeks 1 day pregnant and had the same cramping problem. I was worried at first but when i questioned the doctor i was told that it is normal as the uterus is growing to accomodate the baby. As for waking up in the night this could just be because of your hormones. GL with your pregnancy. Hope everything goes fine. xx

The cramping can be normal but can also be the sign for a low placenta, so long as you aren’t spotting or bleeding you should be okay.
the sweating is your hormones you’ll get it a fair bit, i bought a fan everyone else was freezing and there was me like a beetroot in the midst of winter hehehe.
If your cramping worsens get it checked out and try and see if there’s a trigger sometimes we have to make some lifestyle changes, for me since i had a problem with a low placenta certain sex positions and exercises had to altered.
Good luck hope it all goes well.

The cramping is normal in the beggining of the first 12 weeks. What is not ok is if you start bleeding, just watch for that.

The hot flashes are normal, this is your hormones. Soon you will be sleeping with the window open and the fan blasting!! LOL I think we have all been there.

Dont worry, I am just over 5 weeks pregnant and I have lower back cramps all day. I also keep going really hot and nearly passing out with the heat – according to everything ive read its all normal apart from if you get really unbearable pain.

I wish you all the luck.

I’m not sure how early, but with my mom’s 4th pregnacy, she had cramping and it turned out that the egg never reached the uterus, and the fetus was growing in the tube. She had to have the fetus removed in the ER.
Call you OB-GYN.

this is totally normal, it’s your uterus expanding and will continue throughout the pregnancy, after you have your baby you’ll feel pains and cramping for a few days then too, this is your uterus contracting back to it’s original size, don’t worry!

i’m 6 weeks too. and i have had slight/mild cramping everyday so far, since before i knew i was preg. but i’f your worried about miscarrage ( i am, and this is my first pregnancy too) here is a website i found helpful.

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