Phone harassment! Do i call the police?

A number i dont recognize keeps texting me, calling me gay. Its been on going for the the past hour. Its starting to get annoying and the person wont tell me who it is. It might be a friend, but at this point i dont care. If this person continues to text me what should i do? (i wont call 911) but can/should i call…

Keep the texts and hand your phone over to the Police.

Do not get upset by this as some people are just plain dumb.

The Police can deal with this and contact his provider asking for details of the account holder.

A phone call from the Police normally sets them on the right road, so dont loose any sleep.

Phone Harassment

file a harassment report with the police and then call the phone company and get a trace on the call. Be sure to file charges of harassment, stalking, theft of service, etc. I believe that most phone companies have a way of legally blocking certain numbers from getting through so you might ask the phone company how you can do that, too. By the way, the theft of service is because you have to pay for the text messages and the phone calls and you have demanded they stop. So, don’t be a fool, call the police, file a report and follow through with an order of protection and maybe even charges like theft of service where you can get some money back!

You do have a legitimate concern here. If you get threatening messages, like “I want to kill you”, then that’s when you should get authorities involved. Just say “stop, before I take further action”. You could call your cell phone company and ask them how you could block that number from texting you. I wouldn’t really go as far as to call the police over something like this. It could be a little ten year old for all you know.

Yep call the police over something like that. Is he threatening you at all. If he is you could easily get a restraining order put on him.

I received a violation for making an excellent suggestion on how to deal with this type of harassment, so I better not make it again.

well dont text back, if it is a criminal he could track you, if it happens 1 more time then call
cause i doubt a freind would do that

Lets get him!

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