WILL HELP…. anyone in the medical feild please please ANSWER this question,!?
how do you explain this…there is a male relative of mine who has had chronic stomach pain since he was young, he also had a swollen and expanding stomach, when doctors finally opened up they found fluid filled bags growing on his…

I have no idea what you are talking about. There would be no reason to open him up to find out what is inside. That just doesn’t make sense.

In Australia no thought is given to a male nurse being a male – he is just a fellow worker. That arrogant attitude seems to happen alot in the USA. It is pretty obvious going by some of the arrogant answers that I read in this section – others peoples answers which mention their experiences get a thumbs down just because the arrogant answerer did not experience it themselves. Television shows made in America show doctors performing a lot of nursing duties, while the nurses just answer phones and carry clip boards and pass messages on to the doctor. If you would like to see how much male nurses are valued and what a great team member they can be watch the Australian tv show “All Saints”. The stories and characters are very well drawn and illnesses and job rolls are accurate, realistic and not confused – for example ward doctors taking MRI and doing laboratory work. Do the work you want to do stay focused and do not listen to your detractors while on the job. Maybe move to the UK or Australia, if it is really bad.

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