The Obama administration-controlled GM says a loss is ‘Progress’?…

If this is ‘progress’ then whats the springboard for government-run healthcare, off-track betting?

Why, you have a point there, Oblio! If we followed the republican approach, GM would have been bankrupted, sold off, shut down and out of business.

Instead, they used a brief bankruptcy to clean house, took a much smaller loss than in previous quarters, and their plan to return to profitability is on track and measurable. And they will begin repaying their loan next year.

If one drives alongside I-10, which comes quite close to to the Mexican border in places, there are checkpoints and Border administration automobiles everywhere. it is like dwelling in NAZI Germany, that’s, i assume, what we desire. on the different hand, there is countless graft and corruption and grimy deals, going the two strategies. Phoenix AZ remains the abduction Capital of united statesa. as a results of all the drugs passing by way of there and out into united statesa.. In approximately 2006 i became into parked in an 18 wheel truck at my employer’s terminal on the south end of San Diego CA. The returned wall of the parking zone became into the border fence. It became into approximately sunset and that i meant to sleep there for the night. Then, an exceedingly small plane went cruising up and down the fenceline blaring something in Spanish out of a significant loudspeaker. i assumed “wow. it truly is what it looks like only in the previous a million Zombie Hoards flood over that fence”. So I went into the place of work and asked. They pronounced the plane became into rallying the peasantry for some activities experience on the different element of the fence. yet nonetheless, i did not sleep ok that night. I pronounced a lot of “interest trails” maximum well known off in direction of North and predicted countless foot site visitors interior the night.

Everyone should know by now that this administration is bassackwards. Jobs created has turned into jobs saved, apologize and bow to terrorist, no more terrorist only democratically challenged, no more war on terror and the cops act stupidly among a never ending list of stupid liberal tricks. Obama has brought you change, change from logical and intelligent thinking and reasoning to rampant stupidity and political correctness. If we can ever get this crew gone liberalism should be made a capital offense.

This administration spins everything like a ballerina. As for “numbers line”…a loss is a LOSS.

Show a profit or get the hell out of the business.

This is OUR money they are losing now.

You libs! Still taking up for this loser, i don’t care if GM showed a loss for 30 years. Back then my tax dollars weren’t being used to prop it up and keep the bleeding unions viable!!!!!

Doesn’t he usually say things like “Loss is progress?” And have thousands of liberals going “Uh huh!” and shaking their heads in agreement?

To liberals, if a train going 100mph toward a cliff slows to 50mph toward a cliff……that is progress.

Yes, in fact Orwell predicted this sort of thing in his novel _1984_ it is what he called “double-speak”.

Yes, they think rising unemployment is an improvement too.

So you would only be happy with GM’s performance if they showed a profit, even though they have been showing losses for 30+ years?

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