What are some famous LGBT?

I’ve been thinking that I don’t know all that many.
George Michael, Ellen, Porcia DeRossi, Elton John.. who else?

Jonathan Adler
Clay Aiken
Chad Allen
Jonathon Allen
Eric Alva, Marine Staff Sgt.
John Amaechi
Alexis Arquette
Jason Bartlett
Lance Bass
Brian L. Bates
Billy Bean
Nate Berkus
John Berry
Steven Blank
Keith Boykin
Derren Brown
Karamo Brown
Lady Bunny
David Burtka
Charles Busch
Anthony Callea
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Christian Chavez
Devon Christopher
Paul Colichman
William “Bill” Condon
Wilson Cruz
Ray Cunningham
Alan Cumming
Leonardo da Vinci
Christine Daniels (formerly Mike Penner)
Lee Daniels
Charlie David
Herndon Davis
Guillermo Diaz
Dolce & Gabbana
Rupert Everett
Justin Fashanu
Siegfried Fischbacher
Mark Feehily
Barney Frank
Bryan Fuller
Gary Gates
Stephen Gately
Boy George
Ari Gold
Mitchell Gold
Brian Graden
Glen Hanson
E Lynn Harris
Neil Patrick Harris
Richard Hatch
Roy Horn
Maurice Jamal
Michael Jensen
Franklin Kameny
T R Knight
Jim Kolbe
Carson Kressley
Nathan Lane
Reichen Lehmkuhl
Jeff Lutes
Kevin McDaid
James (Jim) McGreevey
Ian McKellen
Freddie Mercury
George Michael
Harvey Milk
Matthew Mitcham
Benny Ninja
Willi Ninja
Daniel J O’ Donnell
Peter Paige
Sunil Babu Pant
Miss Coco Peru
Cole Porter
Christopher Rice
Bishop V Gene Robinson
Major Alan Greg Rogers
James Roy
Bayard Rustin
Paul Schindler
William Scott
Carey Sherrell
Carl Siciliano
Oliver Sipple
Doug Spearman
Darryl Stephens
Billy Strayhorn
Gerry Studds
Gloria Trevi
Jorge Valencia
Rufus Wainwright
Jackie Walker
Biff Warren
John Waters
Emil Wilbekin
BD Wong
Klaus Wowereit
Emanuel Xavier
Pedro Zamora
Cyd Zeigler
Didier Zheng

Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Tim Gunn, Neil Patrick Harris, George Takei…

Oscar Wilde, Sappho, Walt Whitman was a suspected bisexual (read some of his poetry and you’ll see why), K D Lang, Gia Carangi, Megan Fox says she’s bi, Alexander the Great, Gertrude Stein, lots more

Rupert Everett, Rock Hudson (he was your ‘mans’ man) Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry.

Some bi pie – the lead singer from Green Day and the singer from Placebo.

Possibly bi/gay – James Dean!! Michael Redgrave, Laurence Olivier and Malcolm X.

Harvey Milk
Michael Stipe (R.E.M.)
Alexander the Great
Leonardo Davinci
Ellen Degeneres
Billie-Joe Armstrong (Green Day) (bisexual)
Barney Frank (Governor of Massachusetts)
Curt Cobain (bisexual)

Rossie O’Donal, Margert Cho, And Wanda Syks

appears like Black Rose and wealthy have this coated. there are possibly extra, yet i won’t be able to think of of of any off-hand. i’m helpful you’re waiting to do a glance for for it on line. Mini poll: i like my greens… (vegetarian). now not straight forward to %. in basic terms one… i in basic terms won’t be able to do it… lol If vagina replaced correct right into a vegetable- i might desire to pass with that… ;o)

Lesbian – Ellen DeGeneres
Gay – George Michael
Bisexual – Boy George (He was like a pedophile, alleged bisexual, and a transgender so not too sure what to label him as)
and Transgender – Jeffree Star

Langston Hughes was suspected to be homosexual.

leisha hailey
rosie o’donnell

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