What’s the Difference Between Obama and McCain?

There’s beginning to be not a dime’s worth of difference between Mcain and Obama. Obama now supports Bush’s surveillance policies, and the undermining of FISA rules. What’s going on here? .


They’re very similar and have always been that way. As time goes on they’ll both move closer to the center to try and win votes.

That’s how it works.

McCain has said outright that he supports telecom immunity and that the telecoms should not be prosecuted for their collusion with King Bush. To his partial credit, Obama voted three times in favor of the three proposed (and defeated) amendments to the FISA re-write, which would have limited or denied immunity, but when it came time to uphold 4th Amendment rights, he too caved in and voted Yes to the un-amended bill.

McCain did not even bother to show up to vote.

So on a vital issue which truly affects the future of this country — specifically whether or not our system of government will continue under the wise constraints of the Constitution — there is no difference between them. They have proven this by their actions.

The biggest difference would be if Obama was voted America’s bad reputation for racial violence would be removed or softened. Obama’s being of American origin would show that America has moved on with the prospect of Black people being given a fair go, though this already happens in the USA, presidency is a more widely recognized role in society. There’s nothing wrong about McCain except an Obama victory would assist in cleaning up America’s world image.

The interests are so different. Obama wants to make some improvements, similar to those that Clinton did. McCain is similar to Bush. If you want more four years of war, vote for McCain.

Obama- Far left radical socialist liberal. He is a blatant racist and a black seperatist. He wants to raise everyones taxes at the onset of a recession which will make it much worse. He is soft on terrorism and crime. Very weak on foreign and domestic policy. His friends include America-hating terrorists and radical “pastors”. His whole family hates America.

McCain- The opposite of Obama.

lmao well see u have some ****** pretending to be a conservative while actually being a moderate dem, and you have a far as can be leftist who is realizing he sounds a bit nutz coming back to earth somewhat
they are both politicians people…
they both vote differently when alone then while you watch, well obama doesnt really waste his precious time voteing i guess, but in any case both of em are freaking nutz!

Dear Jim:

The dif is night & day!

If you are pleased with 7 + Painfull years
of GOP “experience” & Failure in DC~
vote for McCane!

NO Drama~
Vote Obama!

The main difference is McCain has more experience.
It does help that hes served his country a lot more.

It’s like the difference between a honda and a nissan….not much.

McCain is an American hero, Obama is a two bit punk with no experience.

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