Which actor could play: McCain, Hillary, Obama in a movie???

Which actor or actress could play the three if there was a movie based on each one??

Who’d play McCain? Who’d play Hillary? Who’d play Obama?

Hillary? Probably Ellen Degeneres. Obama? Martin Lawrence. McCain? Tommy Lee Jones.

Meryl Streep as Hillary Clinton Denzel Washington as Barak Obama Micheal Chiclas as John McCain

McCain – Don S. Stewart
Hillary – Angelica Houston

Obama- Denzel Washington

Hillary Clinton would be played by Dame Judy Dench, Barack Obama by Hilly Hicks, Morgan Freeman, or Edward Norton. John McCain would be played by Gary Sinise or John Malkovic

Hillary- Helen Mirren
Obama-Denzel Washington
McCain-george Kennedy

The 3 Stooges

Obama- Mos Def
Hilary- Linda Perl (from Matlock)
McCain- the grandfather from Blue Bloods

McCain – Michael Caine
Clinton – Meryl Streep
Obama – Mario Van Peebles

Hillary = Diane Keaton
Mc Cain = Jon Voight
Obama = Eddie Murphy

McCain: Paul Giamatti
Obama: Will Smith
Clinton: Joan Rivers

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