Who else thinks banning gay marriage is wrong?

I personally think that banning gay marriage will eventually lead to a genocide. but that’s just me.

If they can decide who should be allowed to get married then who’s to say they won’t ban marriages between blonds and brunettes, fat and skinny people or short men and tall women?? If 2 consenting adults want to get married then let them! People preach how wrong gays are for being promiscuous but then they don’t want them to settle down with one person!!

I think that marriage is first a state issue and the Federal government has no legal right to either make it legal or make it illegal ( but with that said, they had not legal right to make abortion legal either, that also was a state right issue)

but states have a right and many are making it illegal. And in those states doing it, it is always passed by a large majority of the voters.

From the religious view point, of course it should be banned since it has no basic right to be married in the first place under any religious teachings of any kind

gay marriages are just a way to make more money.
the two fruits or tarts that enter marriage get a married status and if one dies the other becomes the rightful owner – case closed.
If the marriage fails lawyers benefit, courts and all else who profit from divorces.

It would be good financially but dead wrong morally and religiously damned!!!!

I believe that legal union, marriage, was created for a man and a woman and that having same sex marriage would be wrong. A gay couple should be able to have the ceremony but it should not be called getting married and should not be recongized by the state as a legal union. When God created us he created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!

don’t worry, nikki-the congress will go back to putting gay marriage on the back burner once the election is over…it has become, along with the flag burning amendment, the republican party’s biennial dog and pony show to prove to the extreme right wingg of the party that they care about social conservatives…i’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how my marriage is somehow threatened by 2 men or two women wanting to be married-

The only people who think gay marriage is wrong are those who cannot accept beliefs different from their own.

The government is not supposed to meddle in people’s private lives.

IMO, I have many gay friends. They all say it is not a choice, it is just how they are. Sadly, they are discriminated against.

i think its wrong i feel why is it anyone elses business to tell some one who they can get married to or not i know its not my business

Banning it is never wrong.

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