Why did i get a violation for an answer i gave 3 yrs ago when the person got suspended?

Ive been doing great lately not getting any violations for almost 2 months and wanted to keep it that way, now today all of a sudden i get one from a question that was asked 3 yrs ago, and i was never rude answering it, i even told the person they were right, i looked in my activities page cause sometimes if theyre…

There is no statute of limitations here so it means someone has seen it some how and reported it and you got caught.

Appeal it if you feel you have a chance of winning.

There is such a thing in the English language that includes things like spelling and grammar, but also Capitalization,and paragraphing a lesson you seemed not to have learnt to include in your mad rush to do your 80 per day

Probably someone just ran into it by accident: there are user teams that skim old unresolved questions to resolve them, and since they generally know how Y!A works, they’ll report anything reportable they encounter en route.

“When i was never rude or mean in my answer” is not defined in the guidelines; there are many other reasons why an answer can be a violation.

Give us more details of the Q&A, and you’ll probably get a more specific explanation.

It would depend on the question and your exact response to it. Most likely, your answer was either in the form of a question or was construed as a “non-answer” because it did not attempt to answer the question. For example, telling someone to “do your own homework” is a non-answer.

Yahoo lets them be reported no matter how old they are. This
is ridiculous. The ability to report should end when the question
is resolved.

So far my glitches are Yahoo saying my contacts questions have
been deleted when they haven’t

Because we have “nut cases” running the show.

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