Why do people confuse love and attention?

Are you one of those people that do confuse love and attention?

A lot of women, more then men confuse attention with love, because they get neither at home. So they figure love and attention is the same thing. I certainly know the difference, love is a lot more passionate and its not out of a moment feelings. Its there to say type of emotion, attention is just making someone feel good for a moment and then you move on. I tried to answer in the best psychological way since you asked for it in that form lol.

No, I dont, atleast.
But some people do they think that once one person has given them a whole lot of attention that they are madly in love and there is actually if u wana make it real simple people always confuse lust and love, and its because they dont know the difference.

No. I am not one of those people. It usually has to do with insecurities and ones inner struggles. People will sometimes confuse one with the other because it will stroke or put a bandaid on our ego. I love attention on my terms, I dont love or am loved by peopl giving or taking it.

I don’t think so. Love takes a while, attention can be given to anyone. This is kind of a vague question.

No because it takes more than attention to convey a feeling of love

yea .. its hard spotting the difference.
but wanting attention is being needy and not yourself ..
wanting love is more of being lonely , and wanting someone to be there . like a SPECIFIC person.. whereas attention.. you want A LOT OF PEOPLE to give you it.. instead of a specific person . (:

Well…Attention, can lead to love, but they are not the same thing.

they think love IS attention

attention – when someone calls you (direct or indirect)

love – simply love

no confusion, what’s the frikkin confusion in that??? !!

no i know what love feels like and its so unique i just cant understand how it can be confused for anything else xxx

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